Wheelie Bin Sizes

Our range of Wheelie Bins includes our popular 2 Wheeled Wheelie Bins, 4 Wheeled Wheelie Bins, Recycling Wheelie Bins, Internal Wheelie Bins and Wheelie Bin Handling Equipment and Security. Whether it is for domestic, commercial or industrial use, we have wheelie bins for all your needs, including recycling options! Our 2 Wheeled Wheelie Bins have been manufactured with the same quality and specifications as government-provided bins, however do check with your locality before replacing them with our products. View and compare our most popular wheelie bins with this guide. Alternatively, visit Wheelie Bins Direct2U for our entire range of products…. Read more

NEW BRUTE Containers!

If you are looking for a heavy duty solution to waste disposal we have the answer! The innovative BRUTE with Venting Channels is the most important idea in waste collection in decades! Just think original BRUTE containers but even better! We’ve added this product to the site this week, and we just couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Never heard of BRUTE Containers before? The BRUTE container feature innovative solutions making waste collection even more efficient than it already is. The integrated, patent-pending venting channels dramatically reduce the force required to remove filled bin liners by over 50%* compared… Read more