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Edinburgh Bins: The Recycling Bin Mission

Wheelie Bins

More than 140,000 homes across Edinburgh will be receiving new grey bins with a lower capacity of 140 litres. These new bins will replace the current 240 litre green bins, the whole change over will cost around £3 million. What’s new? The new slimmer bins are designed to hold five bags of rubbish from a 30 litre kitchen bin compared to the current 240 litre wheelie bins which hold around 8 bags of rubbish. Green bins will now be used for recycling (with the exception of glass) meaning residents have larger recycling bins than general waste bins. The new plan… Read more

Start Recycling in the Home


Recycling in the home doesn’t have to be hard work or difficult. Follow these simple steps on organising your recycling and knowing your collections and you will soon we on your way to becoming an expert recycler. Find out what you can recycle from home (i.e. what the council will collect) and where the nearest recycling point is to your home. You can use a postcode locator to discover this quickly and efficiently. There is also Recycle Now’s ‘What to do with guide’ which will help you understand where to take bulky or electrical items, or how you can up-cycle… Read more

Recycling – why should I?


Here at Wheelie Bins Direct2U we aim to provide our readers with information not just about wheelie bins, but about many other waste and recycling topics. This week, the topic is recycling. Why should we recycle? What good does recycling do? There are many reasons why we should recycle in the UK. It’s surprising the number of people that do not realise the benefits it can bring! That is why we have compiled a list of reasons why you to recycle. Recycling conserves resources Recycling can help conserve important raw materials, protecting natural habitats along the way. When we recycle… Read more

How to make recycling easier in public places

Recycling Bins

It has never been so easy to recycle, with the continually evolving systems in place today. It can still however be a challenge to get the public to adhere to these systems. This is why you need to make it as simple as possible for them, having clearly indicated waste and recycling bins, making sure they are located in the right place, and ensuring there is enough bins in proportion to the number of people passing especially in areas such as busy high streets, parks and fast food restaurants! This post is aimed at getting people to recycle in outdoor… Read more