10 Benefits of a 240 Litre Wheelie Bin

Wheelie bins are a staple in recycling and waste. But what everyday uses can a 240L wheelie bin have for you? In this blog we will be diving deeper into the amazing benefits which are versatile to each individual! It is impressive the uses that one wheelie bin can offer and how they can be used to your advantage…

So lets get into it!

1. Council Wheelie Bin

First, the most common use of a 240L wheelie bin is for council purposes. They are perfect as they conform to council regulations. This is important as if they do not meet this standard, your council will not collect them. Much like the council bins, they hold 3-4 bags of waste, matching the general waste collections. Our Best-selling wheelie bins are made from Polyethylene to EU standards EN840. Ensuring they are Durable and long-lasting. This means our wheelie bins have endured vigorous testing accreditation.

2. Replacement Wheelie Bin

Undoubtedly, they conform to council collection. If your bin is ever stolen or you need an extra one, the 240L waste bins provide the perfect solution. Stolen wheelie bins is becoming more and more common. Besides, an extra wheelie bin can help with storage if got excess general waste. One may not be enough for families in busier households.

As our waste containers are manufactured right here in the UK. This means a replacement can be with you as quick as possible! We offer Free mainland UK delivery, along with many delivery options. This includes next day delivery, Saturday delivery before noon and next day delivery before noon.

3. Gardening

Do you have extra garden waste but no where to store it? Our waste bins are ideal for storing extra garden waste, to keep your garden looking tidy. This is very common as green fingered gardeners struggle during long collection dates. So, having an extra garden waste bin on hand would be helpful.

An added bonus is they can even be used for composting! Simply drill holes in each side of the bin to create an airflow to start. Then you can cut out a compost removal flap towards the bottom a few inches from the base, and reattach with hinges. Afterwards, drill holes in the lid for extra circulation. And complete! Your very own compost bin from a multi-purpose 240 Litre waste bin!

4. Ice Baths

The hugely popular craze amongst celebrities and wellness experts such as Wim Hoff.. Ice baths promote a range of health benefits…And now they can be done right in your own home!

Firstly, submerge yourself in cold water in a bath-like container. It prompts some impressive health benefits. Generally, this technique used by runners, athletes, gym-goers aiding muscle relief and for mindfulness. Need some Ice bath Inspiration? Click here

These include:

  • Eases sore and aching muscles
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increases energy and De-stresses
  • Aids immune system and decreases body heat

Want an in depth guide? Check out our recent blog with all things Ice Bath!

5. Recycling solutions

By purchasing extra wheelie bins, organising your waste is easier and more effective. Our wheelie bins are available in different colours for easy sorting and segregation. Besides, extra waste bins, typically green can sort garden waste and store until collection day.

This ensures there is enough storage for recycling. Which prevents litter around your space and protects your property against rodents. Furthermore, over-filled bins can be turned away by council collection. Leaving litter blown away, causing street litter.

6. Lifting Equipment

Our wheelie bins are made with practicality in mind. That’s why they can be used with standard DIN and AFNOR lifting equipment. This means, not only are they suitable for Council collection. But, also useful for business purposes. Finally it allows them to be transported across sites, and emptied with little effort. This saves time in the process, to make it easier for waste disposal.

7. Residential Use

In residential areas such as care homes, housing apartments and university accommodation. Often there is not enough storage for the waste generated from the number of people residing. Extra waste bins can help keep properties tidy and well-kept. Our alternative colours means student blocks can be colour coded for collections.

8. Colours & Uses for your 240L wheelie bin

We provide our wheelie bins in a variety of colours with various different uses to suit all needs.

These include:

  • Red wheelie bin: Generally used by councils to collect mixed recyclables. Such as plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminium and glass.
  • Green wheelie bin: Ideal for gardening and outdoor projects
  • Dark grey wheelie bin: Our best-seller ideal for general waste and council collections.
  • Blue wheelie bin: Mostly used for household and commercial business recycling waste. This includes items like paper, card, drinks and food cans.
  • Yellow wheelie bin: Used by hospitals, GP surgeries, or health centres for clinical waste.

9. Customise your wheelie bin

At Direct2U we sell a range of wheelie bin stickers to customise your wheelie bin and make it your own. This could include your house number, name or easy coding for many bins. We always recommend personalising your waste bins. Consequently, this may deter people stealing your wheelie bins. Similarity, it ensures bin men return it to the correct household, saving you hassle!

10. Easy Cleaning & Assembly

As our waste containers are made from Polyethylene. This means they are durable and easily cleaned. This makes them easy to maintain. They can be cleaned protecting you against dirt and bacteria in your waste. This is vital to keep your wheelie bin smelling fresh!

We want to make the assembly process as timely and stress-free as possible. We have put together helpful how-to’s for our customers. Check out our Assembly video below. Alternatively, our Assembly guide for the quickest and easiest assembly.

How to store your wheelie bin

Want to disguise your wheelie bins? We have the perfect solution with our wheelie bin storage . All manufactured in the UK to the highest quality! It is keeps unsightly wheelie bins neatly tucked away. Leaving an aesthetically pleasing space! We have something to suit everyone. Featuring our Triple wheelie bin storage, double stores and even on their own.. single wheelie bin sheds. Moreover, all our storage is made from robust wooden timber for a stylish finish your neighbours will envy!

Need something larger?

Additionally, we sell bigger wheelie bins for industrial business use. Our 4 wheeled bins are perfect! Our largest in the range 1100 Litre can hold around 19 bin bags, for ultimate waste storage. Furthermore, they are resistant to bacteria for maximum cleanliness. Specifically, they feature 4 swivel castors for easy manoeuvre.

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