Improve your Workplace Safety in 2024

Improving your Workplace safety in 2024!

NEW YEAR, IMPROVED WORKPLACE SAFETY! In 2024, we are assessing all risks and prioritising workplace safety! No matter what your business is, workplace safety should play a significant part in ensuring both yourself and others are safe at work this new year!

Follow Safety Best Practices

Improving your Workplace safety in 2024!

Not sure where to start when it comes to workplace safety? You’re not alone, many are in this position, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why we have put together some staple best practices for you to make a fresh start in 2024.

  • First things first.. Conduct a risk assessment:

This can help identify potential hazards and enable you to take steps to help prevent such from occurring. This should be thorough to see all aspects of the business to mitigate the risks.

  • Safety training:

Following this, full safety training will update staff on new protocols in place. All must receive training to the same level, which can reduce serious injuries. For those employees who want to make a difference, a safety committee would be a great idea. This allows the business to keep in touch with new regulations with a safety-first culture.

  • Communication:

Effective communication is essential to receive updates on any changes to the work environment. This may include machinery or equipment maintenance. Regularly maintaining machinery prevents malfunctions, which can affect production. But, ultimately reduce the risk of injury when using equipment and making the workplace a safer environment for employees.

  • Employee health:

Recognising and monitoring employee health, reduces potential health risks and prevents work-related illness. This can be relative for all employees, as not only manual labour is considered. For example, office workers’ health must be considered. This is due to overexposure to screen time and back posture is often compromised. Businesses must find solutions to manage health risks an employee might face.

  • PPE has not gone away!

Personal protective equipment is essential in reducing risk for job roles. This may include hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, boots, or even lockers to reduce contamination of clothes.

Start the Conversation

More often than not, employees undertake the same role day in day out. In many cases autopilot can take over, which can lead to unnecessary damage. Highlighting how vital it is to keep employees on board with workplace safety. Workplace safety isn’t just a list of rules to abide by it is a culture that needs to be built and maintained. You can start this by, simply starting the conversation. This will enable you to hear their thoughts on the current safety measures to find ways in which to improve.

With Safety in the workplace, it is crucial the whole team work together towards the same goal. Engaging with employees allows room for honest responses to make the right changes. Mental and emotional health must be considered as well as physical. Giving your employee’s a voice, will boost engagement. Whilst allowing employees to take responsibility to uphold their own rules day-to-day. Providing employees, the opportunity to protect themselves by developing new habits going forward.

Make Workplace Safety a Priority

Even though it might seem tedious at first… safety does not always pose as an immediate threat, but any accident might be around the corner. So 2024 is the time to make safety a priority in your workplace!

Manage workplace safety by incorporating emergency drill tests into the working day. Practice runs are great to measure reactions to ensure timely reactions. It can become a challenge with rewards for beating times to ensure that if the day ever comes, your team are ready. This can be a positive experience to see mistakes made which can be learnt from. It gives the opportunity to improve on time, and suggestions and meet safety requirements.

Keeping up with the Regulations:

It is important to always adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act, known as HSWA! Abiding by rules and regulations which are changing, can give the opportunity to refresh your thinking towards safety.

Not sure which regulations impact you?

Read more about Health and Safety Regulations relative to your industry here.

FAQ’S Safety Edition

Improving your Workplace safety in 2024!

Can workplace safety impact employee retention?

Safety at work can link to employee retention. This is due to employees
feeling safe and can help them feel valued and taken into consideration. Thus,
improving loyalty to the business and even employee recommendations for others
to join the team!

Are there psychological benefits to a safe working environment?

A safe workplace gives employees peace of mind and reassurance when at work.
Consequently, this positively impacts mental health and can reduce stress. Not
only this, but it can reduce anxiety about coming to work, increasing
production. Other benefits of workplace safety include job satisfaction,
improved focus and well-being.

How can I put safety first in my small business?

Safety in the workplace is not only for large businesses! To begin, you can
conduct a risk assessment. This assesses all the risks you or your employees
may encounter. Following this, you should carry out full safety training to
cover all areas where people may be at risk. Remember to focus on safety
protocols and invest in equipment to limit risks. Safety training every few
months will refresh the memory to keep the work you’ve done so far in place.
You can make it fun by giving employee initiatives to have everyone on board,
towards the same goal.

How to enforce safety measures with remote working?

Safety for employees working from home is just as important as on-site.
That’s why we suggest ensuring ergonomic work setups to end health concerns. As
well as, ensuring data security when working on business devices. Furthermore,
mental health support is essential for those struggling. Also, maintaining
regular communication to successfully overcome any problems.

How can we help?

Need help to put in place your new safety protocols? We stock an extensive range of safety equipment and tools to minimise risk in your workplace.

At Direct2U we specialise in improving safety with COSHH Cabinets, Safety barriers, Spill containment, PPE, Traffic Management and much more! Don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01822 715130 to discuss your needs!

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