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Managing Warehouse Traffic: Safety Barriers

Managing Warehouse Traffic - Featured

Heavy objects, machinery and human beings. Wherever these three elements meet, accidents are bound to happen. The warehouse is such a place! Warehouse managers are responsible for ensuring that the warehouse is a safe place for pedestrians, machine operators and visitors. To do that, managers need to review the traffic management plan regularly, thus keeping risks and hazards at the lowest level possible. This blog aims to provide ideas and solutions on how to implement safety precautions (particularly safety barriers) to lower those risks. Risks & Hazards of Warehouse Traffic The efficiency of a warehouse is directly linked to the… Read more

The Importance of Cleaning Signage

The importance of cleaning signage

Cleaning signage and maintenance barriers are a part of our everyday life. From a young age they become very recognisable signs. The barriers come in many guises. I bet that you will have seen them all; from the traditional A-Frame sign, to large yellow maintenance barriers and door way signs. The next time you go to the shopping centre or supermarket look around you, and you are bound to see some in use. It’s their frequency of use that can sometimes mean they are taken for granted or ignored. The signs can go into our sub-conscious, therefore we don’t pay… Read more

Armorgard Barricade – the Reliable Expanding Barrier

Safety is paramount while working in areas with pedestrians and motorised traffic. It is vital to quickly communicate dangers to machine operators, crowds, and workers to avoid slips, trips, falls, or injuries. How do you quickly mark out a working area, indicate hazards and direct traffic in one go? Having an expanding barrier handy is useful in these situations. And our barrier of choice is the Armorgard Barricade! Expanding Barriers – Putting Barriers Between People and Hazards Barricades help save and improve lives by creating distance between people and these hazards: open access to a dangerous construction zone distractions for… Read more

Our Guide to Modular Safety Barriers

  The key to buying modular safety barriers Buying modular safety barriers can prove to be a bit of a headache. So we thought that we’d make it as easy as possible for our customers. We don’t want it to be a stressful experience which you are likely to put off. Safety barriers are important for keeping your employees safe. We recommend them for segregating traffic lanes and pedestrian zones in industrial workplaces, and for providing protection for vulnerable work areas and expensive equipment. They are invaluable for factories, warehouses and depots, so it’s important that we get them right. At… Read more