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Which safety cabinets should I be using?

Which Safety Cabinet should I be using?

We have a range of safety cabinets at Direct2U. This is to make sure we are able to cater to all environments safe. We have a option of cabinets to hold all harmful substances. Making them suitable to keep all working areas and staff safe. Explore our ranges from hazardous storage cabinets to CoSHH cabinets. As well as flammable storage cabinets and acid & alkali storage. Plus many more options. Why use safety cabinets? Safety cabinets are essential for all businesses. As they also ensure the safety of employers and employees. In environments where hazardous substances are important to have… Read more

Barriers for warehouse safety

Barriers for Warehouse Safety

At Direct2U we have a wide range of safety barriers to choose from. Below is further information to help you find the best for you! Safety is a vital role in the function of warehouses. Thus it’s important to make sure you have the correct solution for the space available. This helps to prevent accidents when managed correctly. Below are the most popular types of barriers we offer and why they could be suitable for you. Warehouse Barriers Starting off with warehouse barriers, these are the most popular range we offer for use in warehouses and industrial environments. We have… Read more

CoSHH Awareness and Considerations

CoSHH Awareness Blog Feature Image

A large number of work environments now use hazardous substances on a daily basis. These substances range from cleaning chemicals to paints and aerosols. As a result of the presence of hazardous substances, we can all consider ourselves at risk of harm from these while out and about or at work. The one main way to significantly reduce the risks of injury from hazardous substances is to ensure they are properly stored within secure CoSHH cabinets. Lucky for us, it is a legal obligation for employers to ensure the safe storage and use of hazardous substances within their workplaces. These… Read more

Cylinder & Drum Storage – An Introduction

At Safety Direct2U we know that compliance with Health & Safety regulations is of greatest concern to all employers. More often than not. When we begin our research into Health and Safety requirements it becomes somewhat of a minefield. As well as incredibly daunting. That’s why we have put together this concise list of key considerations. To give introductory help and support towards your Cylinder and Drum Storage policy. Storing Drums and Cylinders. Where do we start? First and foremost, it is important to properly understand the substance that you are storing. In addition to any potential hazards it could… Read more