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Benefits of Safety Barriers

Benefits of safety barriers

Today, safety barriers have an important role in safeguarding a range of aspects in warehouses, outdoor environments, delivery depots, and much more. Our blog will showcase the range of benefits and purposes to suit your infrastructure. Across the Safety range our specialist team at Direct2U are here to help you! Benefits of safety barriers Our unique safety barriers allows a fully customisable barrier solution, this means our specialist team can design a layout for your certain requirements, which can be added to or altered in the future. Above all, they can restrict access to dangerous areas with a custom design… Read more

HOW TO: Build your own Warehouse Barriers

how to: build your own warehouse barrier

Our best selling Safety Barriers play a crucial role in protecting both people and equipment in the work environment. Warehouse barriers are successful in safeguarding personnel, machinery and infrastructure, therefore it is vital you know how to safety and securely build yours! Read below for everything you will need to consider, the benefits, as well as an in depth installation guide. 5 Main Benefits to Warehouse Protection Barriers: 1. Ideal for the segregation of traffic lanes in factories and warehouses 2. Restricting access to dangerous areas 3.Highlighting hazards to protect people, equipment and moving vehicles ( such as forklifts) 4…. Read more

3 Tips for Hazardous storage: Construction Industry

3 tips for hazardous storage in the construction industry

Safety when dealing with hazardous storage applies to all industries, not excluding construction. Construction is home to a long list of dangerous chemicals, therefore making sure this is managed is of high importance. Common uses in the construction can vary from household chemicals to explosives, some may include: Therefore, site safety is vital to keep everyone safe by achieving successful chemical management. Unfortunately, as many staff are working with these chemicals day in day out, this gives a false sense of security! Safety in the workplace needs to be taken seriously and construction is no different. So, we have put… Read more

Importance of Safety Barriers In The Workplace

safety barriers in the workplace - the importance of warehouse barriers

Safety Barriers In The Workplace and Their Importance Safety Barriers play a crucial role in protecting the work environment. Barriers safeguard personnel, machinery and infrastructure. We use them for many different purposes such as: Where Are Barrier Systems Typically Used? Barrier systems are generally used in any industrial environment, commercial space, airports, roadways and shopping centres. They are essential as they highlight hazards in an area. As well as highlight any risks to employees and the public. Why Is It The Employers Responsibility to Install Barriers? As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect the health and safety of… Read more