First Aid

British Standard Compliant (BSi) First Aid Kits

BSi Compliant First Aid Kits

Accidents and illnesses can happen in the workplace, however low the risks. It does not matter whether the injury or illness is work-related. Employers should ensure that the adequate resources are available in case that happens, as it can prevent the aggravation of minor injuries and can help save lives! This blog post aims to list out the required size and contents of a first aid kit depending on differing factors from business to business. Why a Standard for First Aid Kits? Health and Safety Regulations help employers by setting standards to comply to, ensuring the adequate and appropriate first aid… Read more

Storing First Aid Supplies at Work: The Essentials

Providing adequate and appropriate first aid equipment is a legal requirement at work, according to HSE. In fact, making sure the right supplies are available in the right amount is the first step towards a healthier & safer workplace. Before figuring out how you will be storing first aid supplies, make sure you have assessed your needs. When carrying out an assessment of first aid needs, employers must consider several factors: The number of employees and pre-existing medical conditions Current work-related hazards and risks Location, size, and design of work areas Number of visitors and non-employees These points help determine… Read more

How to keep Safe During the Christmas Period – Safety Direct2U

The holiday season is a time of cheer, joy and celebration at the same time there in an increased risk of accidents occurring in the home. Such accidents include: food poisoning, trips and falls and accidents involving Christmas trees. Risks of fire hazards also increase at Christmas time due to increase number of hazards in the home. Back in 2002, it was estimated that 1000 people visited A&E in the UK after accidents with Christmas trees and 350 people after home accidents involving fairy lights. Follow these top tips to reduce the risks of accident in and around your home… Read more

Health & Safety in the Catering Industry


Regulations regarding workplaces are put in place to insure the risk of work-related death, injury and ill health is significantly reduced. Accidents in many types of catering organisation are on the increase and common hazard include and are not limited to: Food Slicers Electrical faults Exposed Wires Trip hazards Oil fires No ventilation Employers must adhere to several legislation to ensure the health and safety of their employees; as can be seen below. Health and Safety at work Act 1974 Places a duty on all employers “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work” The… Read more