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The Importance of Cleaning Signage

The importance of cleaning signage

Cleaning signage and maintenance barriers are a part of our everyday life. From a young age they become very recognisable signs. The barriers come in many guises. I bet that you will have seen them all; from the traditional A-Frame sign, to large yellow maintenance barriers and door way signs. The next time you go to the shopping centre or supermarket look around you, and you are bound to see some in use. It’s their frequency of use that can sometimes mean they are taken for granted or ignored. The signs can go into our sub-conscious, therefore we don’t pay… Read more

Smoking Ban in Private Vehicles Carrying Children

As of 1st October 2015 it will be against the law to smoke in a private vehicle carrying children as passengers. Since the introduction of the smoking ban in enclosed public spaces in 2007 smoking in cars has been on the increase. It’s not unusual to see drivers and passengers smoking with children in the back seats, possibly unaware of the effects that second-hand smoke can have for children. It’s quite understandable to see how some believe smoking with windows down or their cigarette out the window will reduce the second-hand smoke and protect the passengers in the back seat…. Read more

Do you know your fire escape route?

A common risk in many workplaces and buildings is not having a sufficient amount of signage to show the correct fire escape route through a building. There is nothing worse or more worrying than a fire breaking out and employees not knowing where to go, which route to take and where a safe meeting point is once out of the building. Another common risk is leaving fire doors open by using heavy items and often fire extinguishers. This increases the spread of a fire. Fire doors are designed to be kept shut and to contain a fire for up to… Read more

Emergency Escape signs – Get it right the first time!

With so many safety signs available on today’s market and with so many websites offering different signage products how do you know if you are investing in the right sign system for your business? We have written this blog to ensure that you have the correct and moist up to date emergency escape signage. Emergency Escape signs that can be instantly recognised and understood. Emergency escape signs are some of the most important signs in all safety sign ranges and it is now the responsibility of employers to provide the signage in the workplace. Emergency escape signs are responsible for… Read more