Hazardous Storage

CoSHH Awareness and Considerations

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A large number of work environments now use hazardous substances on a daily basis. These substances range from cleaning chemicals to paints and aerosols. As a result of the presence of hazardous substances, we can all consider ourselves at risk of harm from these while out and about or at work. The one main way to significantly reduce the risks of injury from hazardous substances is to ensure they are properly stored within secure CoSHH cabinets. Lucky for us, it is a legal obligation for employers to ensure the safe storage and use of hazardous substances within their workplaces. These… Read more

It’s time to consider CoSHH Cabinets

Many of us handle hazardous substances on a daily basis, from cleaning chemicals to paint. We all come into contact with potentially harmful liquids or gases.  Although, there is no direct threat to our safety, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that these substances hold. Well, lucky for us there is a set of regulations called the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. I know a mouthful, so thankfully experts call these regulations CoSHH for short. CoSHH ensures our bosses have procedures in place to control the exposure of hazardous substances to prevent ill health. From considering what… Read more

Secondary Containment: Common Practices

Secondary Containment Common Practices Featured

Containing hazardous liquids is essential in workplaces where water and land pollution is a possibility. Whereas spill response is what happens after spills happen, secondary containment is a preventive practice and is usually semi- or fully permanent. It is a secondary line of defence in the event of major hazards events. It serves as a prevention, control & mitigation method that is essential to comply with regulations. This blog post aims to cover the common techniques in secondary containment, focusing on physical containment forms. For more ways to implement secondary containment, visit the HSE website. Concrete & Plastic Bunds Bunds… Read more

Harmful Substances: Which CoSHH Cabinet?

Harmful Substances Which CoSHH Cabinet

Depending on your industry, you will be required to handle harmful substances that could as a result pose a problem to your health and everyone around you. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) regulations help prevent and reduce employees’ exposure to them. And yes, this applies to you even if you are self-employed! What harmful substances does CoSHH cover? CoSHH covers substances such as chemicals, fumes, dusts, vapours, mists, gases, nanotechnology, biological agents and germs that cause diseases. That’s a long list, and probably covers some aspect of your industry. CoSHH does not, however, cover lead, asbestos or… Read more