Guide to Hazardous Signs & Symbols

Guide to Hazardous Signs & Symbols

What are Hazard signs & Why do you need them?💭

Whether you are a business or not, understanding hazardous signs can prevent accidents, injury and even death. Hazardous signs are signage applied to cabinets, stores and restricted zones to worn users and prevent access to materials. There are a variety of different signs which indicate the risk of individual items. It is essential your business complies with this under COSHH Regulations. COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, the framework applies to safe handling of dangerous substances. Moreover, Hazardous signage in the workplace is vital for communicating to users the risk to ensure Regulations are ad eared to.

Where to find Hazardous Signs?⚠️

Hazardous signs can be found across restrictive areas, cabinets, store rooms, cleaning cupboards and much more… Our COSHH Hazardous Storage includes new Regulation labels as standard.

There are a variety of hazardous cabinets to suit a range of different industries. Let’s Run through the cabinets we offer, to show what labels are used where!

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TUFF Hazardous Cupboard 900x900x460

This cabinet conforms to COSHH Regulations, ensuring safety when storing substances. It features a 14 Litre sump capacity and 50kg UDL shelf capacity. This cabinet is ideal for a range of uses including chemicals, paints and much more.. The 2-point locking system ensures safety with restricted access.

Need something smaller? Our TUFF 45 Hazardous Cupboard is ideal with fast and free 5 day delivery!

The hazardous labels comply with GHS, CLP, IMDG/IMO, AND & ICAO/IATA. The flame symbol indicates flame from hazardous chemicals.


Acid & Alkali Storage Cabinets

These cabinets store acid and alkali chemicals in line with COSHH Regulations. It features an integral sump for handling spills, this prevents leakage. There is 4 widths available and is made in the UK!

Corrosive labels are used to suit the type of chemicals being stored. These are included as standard.

Agrochemical & Pesticide Storage Cupboards

This range is specifically designed for the safe storage of agrochemicals and pesticides. Ideal for farms and workplaces to meet COSHH Regulations.

The finish is powder coated red germ guard active technology, standing out from the rest of the range!

Signage included shows health hazard to indicate potential irritation, allergic reactions and damage when in contact.


Different Types of Signs & Symbols and their meaning👀

Hazardous storage COSHH Signage

We know it can be overwhelming when shopping for COSHH Cabinets. Ensuring your cabinet and signage is specified to your industry and items you store can be confusing, as there is a wide range of hazardous symbols. Read below to find out more… and more importantly, which ones you need to meet COSHH Regulations!

Firstly, let’s look through the symbols you might see daily…

Flammable Symbol

This symbol indicates flammable chemicals, or substances that can ignite on contact with air or small ignition source. The symbol is a large open flame and some items stored can include:

  • Flammable Gases
  • Highly Flammable Gas
  • Flammable aerosols
  • Flammable liquid and vapour
  • A flammable solid
Flammable Hazardous Storage Cabinets

Corrosive Symbol

The corrosive symbol warns users against chemicals that can cause damage to living tissue when in contact. Symbol shows the chemical spill causing corrosion to hands and surface materials.

  • Causes corrosion on metals
  • Can cause severe damages to skin and eyes
  • Includes chemicals such as ammonia, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, drain cleaners etc

Health Hazard Symbol

This symbol indicates hazardous substances that can damage health and is used to show caution.

  • May cause respiratory irritation
  • Dizziness and/or drowsiness
  • May cause allergic reactions or serious eye irritation
  • Can cause skin irritation if in contact
  • Harmful if swallowed
  • May cause damage when inhaled
  • May damage public health specifically to the ozone layer.
COSHH storage cabinets

Toxic Symbol

The toxic symbol represents chemicals which can cause a lot of damage, in low or high quantities.

  • Could cause death when swallowed, inhaled, and put in contact with skin
  • Contact can include swallowing, inhaling, or making contact with skin
Hazardous Storage Cupboards

The symbols below are less common, that you may of never seen before as more confidential with very restricted access!

Explosive Symbol

The explosive symbol shows a bomb exploding, this can include chemicals, explosion hazards and is generally found in workplaces where there is a risk of explosions.

  • Mass explosion hazard
  • Severe projection hazard to public
  • Fires, blast or projection
  • Mass fire explosion
  • Unstable explosion
different types of hazardous signage

Serious Health Hazard Symbol

Moreover, the image of the symbol represents internal damage with serious long term threats to health. These threats include:

  • Potential death if swallowed or inhaled
  • Damage to organs
  • May damage fertility or affect pregnancies
  • Suspected of causing cancer and genetic defects
  • If inhaled can lead to asthma or breathing difficulties
different types of hazardous signage

Dangerous for the environment Symbol

This sign indicates the risk of substances that can cause damage to the environment either immediate or long term.

  • Toxic substances to marine life with long-lasting effects
  • Generally this includes pesticides, biocides, petrol, turpentine etc.
different types of hazardous signage

Gases under pressure Symbol

This symbol is generally located where there is possibility of gas under pressure. This hazard has been incorporated into the COSHH classification system, with the icon representing a cylinder.

  • Gas contained under pressure which may explode when heated
  • Refrigerated gas could lead to cryogenic injuries
different types of hazardous signage

Oxidising Symbol

Lastly, oxidising symbol is the COSHH Hazardous flame with a circle. This represents oxidising that covers chemicals in preparation.

  • May act as an oxidiser, causing a fire or explosion
  • Generally found in bleach, which is an everyday substance

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