Benefits of Security Parking Posts!

Benefits of security parking posts!

We recognise the risks of vehicle parking and the need for on and off access for businesses has changed. That’s why we have curated security parking posts with a range of environments in mind.

Our parking posts are both practical and durable, made to last for years to come. At Direct2U we manufacture right here in the UK, in our West Midlands factory. So, you can be sure your security investment will last as long as possible. Our best-selling driveway bollard is the Hinged Parking Posts.It comes with an amazing 1-year Guarantee.

Car Theft Deterrent

parking posts for car theft

Lately, more than ever car theft is on the rise. According Office of National Statistics, the number of vehicles stolen in England and Wales was 130,389 (2022). With this staggering number now becoming even more common, it can be hard to know what to do to prevent yourself from being next… Luckily, our best-selling driveway security posts are up for the job! Security bollards for driveways, prevent your car from being towed or driven away. Being a victim of such an awful crime is becoming a reality of owning a car. This brings massive inconveniences for all involved, making driveway protection seem a no-brainer!

Do you have a flashy car you want to protect? A driveway post is essential to ensure the safety of your beloved car. It is well known the theft of luxury cars has skyrocketed. The majority of cars stolen in 2023 were Range Rovers. With tech security methods failing, it is easy for thieves to steal. So, a security bollard is a game changer to ensure your car is safety overnight.

Ideal for Shared Parking Spaces

We understand that shared parking can be a struggle. But this is not helped with unauthorised parking from vehicles. Security posts protect against damage to property and vehicles when parked. This is because only those residents or workers can park there. Folding frame parking posts ensure those entitled to park can, and limits others.

Cost-Effective Security Parking Posts

Parking posts are an ideal and cost-effective measure. They give peace of mind when it comes to driveway security. It is perfect for those with shared accommodation such as flat, apartments, or offices. This can benefit residents or colleges by having their secure individual space. Furthermore, the price and trouble of replacing your stolen vehicle can be costly. That’s why, security measures such as security bollards are so popular. They work to prevent this risk in the short-term but also for future vehicles.

Security parking posts

Prevents Unauthorised Parking

Live in a busy area, and tired of people parking on your drive? We have the solution for you. Our driveway bollard ensures no one can park on your property. This restricts access and ensures privacy. This is ideal for those living near train stations, schools, or events areas. But can be anywhere, where you could compromise your driveway.

Fold Down for Easy Access

Our fold-down bollards are perfect to restrict access to parking spaces. Or even walkways and unprohibited driving areas. With the best of both worlds, you can fold the bollard down for easy access when needed! A key secures access, meaning only those will have access to lower the bollard. Drop-down bollards benefit busy shopping centres, car parks, warehouses, or residential properties. An extra use is you can prevent cars from passing without consent. This may improve walkway safety for pedestrians crossing and prevent vehicle routes. Referred to as telescopic security post, we offer discreet security parking options. This is a best-seller as the posts go into the ground for a tidy look.

Customisable Key Options

We have options when it comes to parking posts! When purchasing, you can choose between identical or random keys. This gives you the option, to choose to find the best solution for your environment. The random key is perfect for flats, and apartment blocks. Perfect for anywhere where there is shared parking.

Random keys ensure they are all different keys, preventing access to each other’s. Yet, identical keys are for driveways or those who want to share the same key to access many posts. When purchasing you will receive 2 keys with each post.

Key options for safety bollards

Secure your Space Today!

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and specialist Safety team. We can advise and provide you with a free no-obligation quote. You can contact us via Live Chat or on 01922715130.

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