HOW TO: Build your own Warehouse Barriers

Our best selling Safety Barriers play a crucial role in protecting both people and equipment in the work environment. Warehouse barriers are successful in safeguarding personnel, machinery and infrastructure, therefore it is vital you know how to safety and securely build yours! Read below for everything you will need to consider, the benefits, as well as an in depth installation guide.

5 Main Benefits to Warehouse Protection Barriers:

1. Ideal for the segregation of traffic lanes in factories and warehouses

2. Restricting access to dangerous areas

3.Highlighting hazards to protect people, equipment and moving vehicles ( such as forklifts)

4. Can expand at any time to adjust to your requirements and changing spaces

5. Allows a fully customisable barrier solution

Step 1: What type do you require?

Before purchasing, you may need to consider the potential space you have available to work out the length of rail to buy. Alternatively, you may already have a barrier system, and only require extra posts, this can be easily added to update your existing barriers. This is a cost effective and customisable solution and benefit to, add on rather than replacing them all.

Do you need a Single or Twin rail? When thinking about which you need, height is an important deciding factor, depending on your solution for your barrier. If its traffic segregation your after, the twin rail would be ideal as is higher to protect people from fork lifts and show safe walk way areas. The smaller rails are ideal to segregate work areas, whilst protecting machinery or stock, by making them highly visible.

Equally important decision, is the finish and colour you require. Our best selling, yellow powder coated is for indoor use, making it both visible and safe in the working environment. We also stock hot dip galvanised barriers, for outdoor use, to segregate areas and maintain durability and appearance.

Step 2: Select your design

For a standard barrier system, you will require at least 2 End Posts in your basket to complete the build.

Most importantly , the barriers can be customised to your environment, and walkway space, by having options with our centre and corner posts to create your desired barrier shape and length.

Horizontal Rails can also be added to your design. When adding to your basket, remember that twin rails require 2 x Rails per post.

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Step 3: Do you need extras?

We stock optional extras, this includes the renowned Shock Absorbent Pads. These are perfect for use with upright railing systems. It works to deflect up to 10 degrees, for fork lift use or moving vehicles, providing movement and more flexibility, preventing damage to the bars. Perhaps, predominantly used in warehouses and industrial spaces, the black shock absorber is simply underneath the usual barrier you fit, to aid when shock impacted.

More over, we stock the Chemical Anchor Set ideal for a flexible barrier, by adding shock absorbers on the railings. This is an additional accessory to be added, as they require different length bolts to fix it down, for it to function successfully!

Step 4: Warehouse Barriers Installation

Building your safety barriers can be quick and easy! Disclaimer: This may require a second pair of hands..

To demonstrate, the installation process we have a step by step video of what you will need to get started. The video guides through the straight forward process to build your finished piece, including showing how to fix them down!

Standard warehouse barriers: For this technique, you can add on regular fixing bolts as an optional accessory.

Shock absorbing warehouse barriers: For this you will need to purchase the shock absorbers (1 per post), and the chemical anchor kit, which are specialist bolts to suit this installation process.

Need more help to plan your custom barriers?

If you require extra assistance to get your barrier plans up to scratch, we offer free site visits for large projects so simply get in touch here! Alternatively, our experts can advice you via our live chat!

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