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Standing Desks: Popularity Rise

Standing Desks

Over 20% more people are searching for standing desks in the UK in the past 12 months. In addition, demand for sit stand and height adjustable desks is undeniably on the rise. As a result this indicates a new way in which businesses are approaching health at work. Research by a leading consultancy over the previous five years shows that searches for standing desks has increased more than six times in the UK. Furthermore, at the start of their comeback, people began dismissing standing desks as a throwback made famous by Dickens and Hemmingway. However, the health benefits are becoming… Read more

New Range Alert: Valoir Desks

Valoir Office Desks and Storage

  The Valoir desks and furniture range are a stylish, low cost addition to the market. Any product in this range is next day delivery when we receive the order before 1pm. Yes, that’s right – next day delivery is standard. If you’re not already sold on this range, it also comes complete with 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. What else could we want? All products in the Valoir range are built and made in the UK at the suppliers 35,000 feet facility. Quality and style assured, these products are also simple to assemble on delivery site. Finishes feature the ever-popular… Read more

Office Desks: New Ranges Part I

We’ve been making some changes around here at Office Furniture. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to find new and exciting office desks ranges to show our customers. Office fashion and design is constantly evolving and we always like to be one step ahead of the curve. We’ve added so many new ranges and can’t wait to introduce them. We’ll be posting a few blogs covering each range in a bit more depth. Keep reading to see the first of our new ranges… Essentials Office Desk Range Our new Essentials range has been designed for all standard office applications…. Read more

Office Furniture: Five Top Tips on Redesigning your Office Space

Executive Office Furniture

Office Furniture Direct 2U The importance of office design is often underestimated by many businesses yet a functional office space can aid organisations success. Design features and layouts of a typical office can affect how effectively employees communicate and perform other tasks. It can even have a direct impact on employee’s happiness. A little bit of investment in quality office design and well chosen flooring can be the best outlay a business can make when employees are more productive as a result. Here are our five top tips for transforming your office space into a more effective and functional working… Read more