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Silverline Multi-Drawer Cabinets

Recently we wrote an article introducing you to the Silverline filing cabinets range we offer, also mentioning that the range also includes a wide range of other storage too! Today we bring to you the Silverline Multi-Drawer Cabinets range. After all, we all know how important keeping a tidy work space can be! Silverline multi-drawer cabinets are ideal for use in offices, at home, in schools, universities and in garages and workshops particularly effective for loose paper storage, as well as the storage of small parts/spares or hobby and craft materials. If you require a secure storage solution, a variation… Read more

Silverline filing cabinets – 22 colours available

Organise your office in style with Silverline filing cabinets The Silverline filing cabinets offers stylish, contemporary office storage suitable for any office environment. Silverline filing cabinets are particularly ideal for home, office and archival use. For more information on this stylish office storage range, read our blog! The Silverline filing cabinets range is suitable for any budget, due to the four unique price ranges available. Each range has a different starting price, and slightly different features enabling you to find the best office storage your money can buy. Each range also has a different handle design. The Silverline filing cabinets… Read more