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Office Furniture: Preventing Back Problems

Office Furniture: Preventing Back Problems One in every five staff absences is related to back pain, providing employees with the correct office furniture can prevent or help back pain and reduce back related absences. There are so many products now on the market to help employers improve posture and the welfare of employees. Not only do back problems affect attendance to work but back issues can also affect concentration, mood and sleep. Correct Workstation Setup Ensuring your workstation is correctly set up is a good place to start, to help prevent or reduce back pain. There are 6 key measurements… Read more

Are you staying healthy at work?

Stay healthy at work

Work can be the cause of many health issues including eye strain, back pain and much more. It’s important to be aware of factors affecting your health and how to improve them. Use these fun and easy DIY health checks to make sure you’re in tip top condition. These tests will cover everything from brain to body strength and can be done easily in the workplace! Chinese Whispers How to: Ask someone to stand approximately a meter behind you and whisper the following sounds: ‘mm’, ‘oo’, ‘ah’, ‘ee’ and ‘sh’ in a random order. Now see if you can repeat… Read more

Office Pods: Zone Open Plan Spaces

Office Pods

Welcome to our new category: Social Spaces. Gone are the days of closed off and segregated working spaces. Today’s offices are all about the open plan, sharing of space and office pods. Learning the highlights and downfalls over the past decade shows us that ‘zoning’ is a great way to combat open plan working pitfalls. Creating Zones Firstly, there are many arguments for and against open plan designs. After the inital claims of increase in camaraderie and teamwork, there are now people arguing differently. However, evidence shows that productivity can decrease from having more distractions and interruptions. Dr Nicole Millard… Read more

New year, new you: Work edition

new year new you at work

We’ve all heard the cliché and made endless resolutions we’ll never stick to. We start out with the best intentions but often, our resolutions aren’t realistic. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 5 simple and productive resolutions you can do at work. Ultimately leading to a happier and healthier you. 1. Go to bed earlier It’s an obvious one. Its so easy to get wrapped up in social media and YouTube videos when you know you should be asleep. Try giving yourself a deadline to set your phone down for the night and really unwind. According to good sleep… Read more