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Office Pods: Zone Open Plan Spaces

Office Pods

Welcome to our new category: Social Spaces. Gone are the days of closed off and segregated working spaces. Today’s offices are all about the open plan, sharing of space and office pods. Learning the highlights and downfalls over the past decade shows us that ‘zoning’ is a great way to combat open plan working pitfalls. Creating Zones Firstly, there are many arguments for and against open plan designs. After the inital claims of increase in camaraderie and teamwork, there are now people arguing differently. However, evidence shows that productivity can decrease from having more distractions and interruptions. Dr Nicole Millard… Read more

Office Furniture: Five Top Tips on Redesigning your Office Space

Executive Office Furniture

Office Furniture Direct 2U The importance of office design is often underestimated by many businesses yet a functional office space can aid organisations success. Design features and layouts of a typical office can affect how effectively employees communicate and perform other tasks. It can even have a direct impact on employee’s happiness. A little bit of investment in quality office design and well chosen flooring can be the best outlay a business can make when employees are more productive as a result. Here are our five top tips for transforming your office space into a more effective and functional working… Read more

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

HSE have recently claimed that ‘healthy workplaces manage stress’. Stress is a major cause of sickness and can result in a great cost to businesses as well as being tough on those who suffer. Therefore, taking on stress in the workplace is worth everybody’s time and effort. Reducing the impact stress has on employees will lead to improved health and the overall performance and productivity of the business. An easy way to create a stress free environment at work is by investing in a break out area for employees to enjoy. An attractive and comfortable canteen area with sociable seating… Read more

Fast food units for less

Previously we expressed to you to you how important canteen furniture is in the workplace, in busier environments such as schools and colleges, however conventional canteen tables and chairs are not always suitable. Fast food units are ideal for providing economical seating solutions for canteen and rest areas in busy areas, where a greater number of seats are needed. Fast food units enable you to make the most of the space you have available. The above image displays a 4 seat single entry fast food unit, just one of the five configurations available in the range. The choice between single… Read more