Notice Boards: Communication is Key

Notice boards are essential to every office just like office desks and chairs. A notice board is a valuable way to communicate with member of staff, customers, pupils and even the public. Whatever the working environment it is a hard and relentless task trying to keep all personnel up to date with the latest information, events and schedules. Whilst emails are the most popular form of communication these days, they can go un-opened, and be filtered in to Spam or even deleted. A noticeboard can be updated regularly and is likely to be checked and used if place in a… Read more

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

HSE have recently claimed that ‘healthy workplaces manage stress’. Stress is a major cause of sickness and can result in a great cost to businesses as well as being tough on those who suffer. Therefore, taking on stress in the workplace is worth everybody’s time and effort. Reducing the impact stress has on employees will lead to improved health and the overall performance and productivity of the business. An easy way to create a stress free environment at work is by investing in a break out area for employees to enjoy. An attractive and comfortable canteen area with sociable seating… Read more

Show your office some love this Valentines Day

New Year, New Office Given up on your new year’s resolution? Now suffering from the February blues? Why not revamp your office and renew that New Year energy. Direct2U’s Next Day Delivery Office Furniture range will get you up and running again in no time. There are 9 high quality, stylish ranges to choose from and ready to be delivered to your door tomorrow! Give Your Office Some Lovin’ If you are sat at work dreaming of holidays and sunshine why not motivate yourself with our Atlanta, Manhattan, Washington, Houston or Memphis range. These modern and high spec ranges will… Read more