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NEW: Luxury Office Chair Additions

Luxury Office Chair

A Luxury Office Chair is an essential for any executive, manager and director. Smarten up any office with our range of luxury office chairs.    X Range Operator Chair Having the smallest price tag of the luxury office chair category doesn’t make this chair any less luxurious. If you’re looking for something subtle, stylish and comfortable – this is the chair for you. Each X Range chair is bespoke and we can tailor it for all individual needs. We don’t offer the fabric you’re looking for? No problem, show us or send it to us and we can make it… Read more

NEW: Mesh Office Chair Additions

New Mesh Office Chair

Yes – it’s more new product! Our Mesh Office Chair range has had an overhaul this time. We’re always working hard to offer the latest and best office products so keep reading to see the best bits of all the new additions: Carousel Mesh Chair This mesh office chair has a contoured medium back to support posture and comfort and the mesh back features an airflow design keeping users feeling fresh. Choose from four stylish colours; black, green, orange and raspberry. The chair can be fully reclined and adjusted for individual body weight and has a chrome gas lift for… Read more

Tips for Back Support and Ergonomic Chair Shopping

Ergonomic Chair Shopping and Back Support Tips

Don’t have an ergonomic chair at work? Technically, our spines are capable of maintaining a natural curvature without lower back support. When sitting for prolonged periods of time we tend to slouch forward which pushes out of sorts and causes discomfort. When we slouch, the natural inward curve of our spine goes in the opposite direction and curves towards the chair which leads to the structures in the lower back straining. Any good lumbar support in an office chair should be flush against the small of the back. Most portable lumbar back supports have a specific shape for each end…. Read more

Office Operator Chair Range: Latest Additions

Office Operator Chair

Latest Office Operator Chair Additions As you can see from our last few blog posts we’ve been adding a lot of new and exciting products. We’re still in the process of adding more but we thought we’d update you on a few of the new additions. You’d be right in thinking that a lot of Office Operator Chair ranges look the same. However, looks can be deceiving. We’re trying hard to offer a wide range of office chairs that aren’t just your standard chair. Whilst some of our chairs might not be the cheapest on the market, they’re worth every… Read more