Standing Desks: Popularity Rise

Standing Desks

Over 20% more people are searching for standing desks in the UK in the past 12 months. In addition, demand for sit stand and height adjustable desks is undeniably on the rise. As a result this indicates a new way in which businesses are approaching health at work. Research by a leading consultancy over the previous five years shows that searches for standing desks has increased more than six times in the UK.

Furthermore, at the start of their comeback, people began dismissing standing desks as a throwback made famous by Dickens and Hemmingway. However, the health benefits are becoming clearer, indisputably positive and as a result, demand is sky rocketing.

Sales show a habit of surging at the start of each new year when interest and focus on wellness refreshes. Especially relevant, is the point that it’s not only smaller firms who are embracing the wellness agenda. Health is becoming more of a goal for all businesses in all industries. Due to the growth in wearable tech and fitness tracking, health is at the forefront of everyones mind.

Forbes’ post ’10 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2017’ suggests that workplace wellness will become a huge focus with the aim to lower absenteeism and attract talent. An increasing number of companies are taking mental health issues and work stress more seriously. In turn, they are seeking ways to create happier and healthier environments.

Research finds that employees are more engaged by 30% when they feel their employers care about wellness. On the other hand, most office workers find themselves standing at their desks all day. Providing a healthy work space is essential for staff retention, happiness and productivity. Here are four simple ways to increase wellness at work:

1. Ergonomic Seating

Firstly, standing is encouraged as much as possible but it’s not realistic to be standing all day. Providing good quality and comfortable seating is very important. A good chair allows for a variety of postures and movement

2. Standing Desks

Workers could be burning up to 1000 calories a week by standing at their desk each afternoon. Other benefits users can achieve as a result of standing more are: lowering risk of heart disease, blood sugar levels and back pain.

3. Walk it Off

The connotations of the term ‘meeting room’ are constantly evolving and adapting to the current trends. A new wave of meeting tables and furniture is emerging featuring bar like tables for standing meetings.

4. Pose Proper

It’s a widely known fact that poor posture can lead to a long list of health problems especially regarding back, neck and spine. By investing in an ergonomic consultant or specialist workplace consultant, employers can get the most out of their staff by tailoring support to their needs.

A key factor in posture at work is ensuring people have the correct sitting and standing positions. Monitors shouldn’t be too high, chairs too low and keyboards too far away etc. Find out how to set your desk up correctly with our standing desks: how to guide.

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