Top 10: DIY Office Christmas Decoration

Office Christmas Decoration

Office Christmas Decoration Ideas: Our Top 10

It’s coming up to that time of year where we dust off the office christmas decoration boxes that have been in storage. It’s often difficult to make a workplace festive without blowing a budget that many of us don’t have. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 DIY office Christmas decorations. Not only are they low cost to keep your boss happy but they are also easy!

1. Fridge Snowmen

Got white fridges at work? This is one of the cutest and easiest ways to make any canteen area feel festive.

To recreate the look all you need to do it find yourself some multi coloured card and cut! Remember to include the essentials such as eyes, scarf, carrot nose and buttons. Double sided sticky tape or white tac are ideal tools to hold the snowman together. If you want to make your office christmas decoration to last longer and be reusable for next year; laminating them is a good idea.

Snowman Office Christmas Decoration

2. S-elf-ie

Next on our list of great ideas is the s-ELF-ie! Cut a face shaped hole out of a piece of tall cardboard then cover with coloured paper and viola! You have yourself an awesome an elf prop and office christmas decoration.

Use red and green paper to fashion an elf costume so all your colleagues can make themselves look silly.

If you’re a business with a social media presence then this is a great way to get staff engaging with your brand. Creating your own hashtag will also involve everyone.

S-elf-ie Office Christmas Decoration

3. Cotton snow balls

All you need to create this amazing decoration is white thread, a needle and some cotton balls. Simply thread a long piece of cotton through the needle and then thread through the cotton balls. You can try to spread them out evenly or let them vary to look more natural. These are particularly great for offices as they can also be easily attached to the frames of ceiling tiles.

For an easy step by step tutorial check out this awesome FaithTap blog:


4. Post-it Christmas tree

Do you really work in an office if you don’t have an abundance of post-it notes? This simple yet genius Christmas tree hack is ideal for offices with little space. Sticky backed notes can be found in almost every stationary store and supermarket for next to nothing. There’s no excuse to be bah humbug with this penny pinching tree!

Check out this Liz Makes simple explanation on how to make your very own post-it note tree:

In other Christmas post-it note related news, these are some super cute options if you don’t want to make a tree:


5. Paper garlands

This is a classic DIY Christmas deco and is so easy, anyone can make them. If you’re a beginner you could start with the classic looped paper garland. Just cut pieces of festive coloured paper into strips, loop and staple – simple!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous why not try the ever festive cut out paper snowflake? You could go for a 2D design or try something different like these 3D ones:

Alternatively, if you’re a whiz with card craft why not try these awesome holly decorations that are sure to create an impact:

Snowflake Office Christmas Decoration

6. Balloon lights

Running low on electrical points or simply don’t want to use electric lights? No problem. These balloon alternatives look super cool and even glow in the dark! By using cups, ribbon and glow sticks these everyday balloons turn into a festive must have.

Check out this awesome how-to post by Living Locurto:

Balloon Office Christmas Decoration

7. Wrapped wall art

This a pretty crafty way of being well – crafty! We all have those random pieces of wall art adorning office walls. This inventive space saving décor is ideal for small offices or those on a budget. Simply wrap the art up like a gift and hang! Genius.

Wrapped Art Office Christmas Decoration

No wall art to use? Instead of walls use doors. Try and recreate some of these amazing door-arts!

8. Santa-tizer

The Christmas theme doesn’t have to stay in the office, you could also spread a little festive cheer to the bathrooms too. This can work for both hand wash and sanitizer.
Mrs Gilchrist has a great free santa-tizer printable that is easy peasy:

Santa-tizer Office Christmas Decoration

9. Window art

The window is a great place to express the festive spirit if you’re low on wall or floor space. The easiest way to dress a window is by using snow spray or window clings, we’ve found some good ones here:

If you’ve got a bit more time or a creative gene, then you could make your own. Why not cut out Santa’s sleigh and reindeers to adorn a large window? Or for smaller windows you could recreate this cute reindeer cut out.

Another low cost bit highly effective window decoration technique is to attach baubles onto ribbon and hang at varying lengths. If you can, try to stagger the depths too for more of an impact. The more garish the baubles are, the better in our opinion! Or why not try and find ones to match your corporate colours?

10. Drawer décor

This might not be the most practical form of decoration but it is an effective one. Why not take your drawers out and wrap them? Simple, cheap and definitely full of cheer.


We’ve only picked our favourite ten office Christmas decoration ideas. These are what we deem to be the most affordable and easy to do but of course, there are many more. Watch this youtube video if you need any more office Christmas decoration inspo:

All images we used are from Pinterest or from the lovely blogs linked!

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