Wheelie Bins: Which one do you need?

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Wheelie Bins are everywhere now and for good reason too. Over time, they have formed the colours of a rainbow to help identify what waste goes where. Sorting your rubbish into the correctly labelled / coloured bins pays huge dividends to the environment. Recycling may even come naturally to you now. If so, then a hint of anxiety may have crept in when you almost put that plastic bottle into the general waste bin? We’ve all been there. This means you’re doing great things for the environment.

Strategic Colour Schemes

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There is one colour in particular which you most definitely will have seen, or in fact, see on a weekly basis. Let’s take a look at what the different colours actually symbolise and why this is so important. You may also regularly use a green garden waste wheelie bin. Try not to confuse this with the green recycling variation.




Grey Bin
Green Bin
Blue Bin

Generally used for General Waste (check with local council)

Glass recyclables: Glass bottles, Jars (many councils use for dry recyclable’s too)

Dry recyclables: Paper, Cardboard, catalogues, newspapers



Red Bin
Yellow Bin

Plastic Bottles, Food trays, Yoghurt Pots, Empty plastic bottles i.e Shampoo, conditioner

Textiles: Clothes, linen, towels,

There are also Brown Bins available but this particular colour isn’t as common as maybe the others are. You’re able to combine a few materials in these such as food tins and plastic bottles. And you may also come across Purple Bins. These are fairly new in the recycling world. It seems as though we can’t make our minds up on how to utilise them best just yet.

Let’s size up your Wheelie Bins.

Now you should have a good idea of what colour Bin will be suitable for you. Let’s now take a look what size you’re going to need. Your every day Wheelie Bin, situated curb-side, will probably have a 120 Litre capacity. There are plenty of other options if you feel that is too small. Conversly, there are bigger options available for you here too.

50 Litre

120 Litre

wheelie bin, wheelie bin colours, wheelie bin sizes, 50 litre

240 Litre

wheelie bin, wheelie bin colours, wheelie bin sizes, 120 litre

360 Litre

wheelie bin, wheelie bin colours, wheelie bin sizes, 240 litre
wheelie bin, wheelie bin colours, wheelie bin sizes, 360 litre

The size you will need will be determined by how often you empty your bins. We would recommend that a 50 Litre or a 120 Litre are both perfect for households and small business’ that empty their bins on a daily basis. Again, this is dependant on how many bins you’re emptying into the Wheelie Bin and how often waste / recycling collection occurs in your area.

There are also other options such as 600 Litre and 1100 Litre available. We have carefully selected some that you may wish to look at below.

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