Gift Guide: 50 Litre Wheelie Bin for Christmas

Get Christmas all wrapped up with our best selling 50 Litre Wheelie Bin for Christmas!

Seems an unusual gift for your little ones, Yet simple but effective for child’s play! Christmas with kids can be a very expensive time, especially when buying gifts only to be used once or twice. That’s why our wheelie bins are the perfect gift with multiple uses!

Toy Storage

50 Litre wheelie bins make the ideal choice for toy storage containers. This is due to the practicality and ease. The bright colours are exciting for the child to instigate tidying up their toys, and can even be personalised. In addition, if you have multiple children, you can have different colours for each child, to segregate toys. Particularly ideal in playrooms, mini wheelie bins can collect up all toys to be neatly put away out of sight. This can give children a sense of responsibility and routine to look after their own toys. Which is one of the reasons wheelie bins make the ideal gift for your child this Christmas!

50Litre waste bins can be used to store outdoor toys such as footballs, water play toys, or even play sand. This is ideal as it is water resistant to protect your outdoor gear from bad weather. Whereas, indoors they can be used for cuddly toys, Lego, play cars, nursery toys and much more…

Play Time with wheelie bins

Furthermore, this Christmas day it may not be the expensive gifts that get the most attention! But rather a card board box or wheelie bin your child has endless play with.. 50L Wheelie Bins are ideal for kids play time! Children often like pushing and pulling items around. Our easy manoeuvrable wheels this makes this easy for them. Not only this, but kids often love to copy movements of parents and play adult with mini kitchens etc. Therefore a Mini Wheelie Bin is ideal to play, store items and push around.

Teaching Recycling with wheelie bins

Often overlooked as an educational method, but a 50Litre wheeled bin can be used as a learning aid at home or in schools. This is because it can teach them about recycling is, and how important it is to the environment. It can also teach kids to be responsible of their waste and recycle with their own wheelie bin at home or at school.

Make it yours

At Direct2U our Wheeled Bins are available in a variety of colours… meaning you can choose your child’s favourite colour today! This can also make it handy if wanting to organise your play area using different colour 50Litre bins.

Our wheelie bins have next day delivery options, so you can start personalising right away! This can be a fun activity with children to each personalise their wheelie bin with names, favourite stickers, sketches or even printed stickers to make it their own. This can encourage extra use and makes it a fun experience.

After something larger?

If your in the market for something a bit bigger for your household needs… We have a specialist range to suit you! Shop our other sizes including 120, 240, 360 Litre Here! If you require any assistance in choosing your wheelie bin you can contact us via Live Chat!

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