How to Choose a Tipping Skip

Efficient waste management is the easiest way to save time, energy and resources in the workplace. A Tipping skip is a great addition to any environment that needs a system that can efficiently use space and forklift trucks to their full potential. Here is a quick guide to choosing your tipping skip.

What are tipping skips?

Essential to any workplace that produces waste, tipping skips are a forklift truck attachment. They can hold waste until a transfer into a larger container, incinerator, or compactor. Designed to be attached on the front of a forklift, tipping mechanisms make it easier to empty the contents. There are a few types of tipping skips depending on your requirements.

Factors to look at before choosing a tipping skip

  • Materials to handle
  • Capacity of forklift truck
  • Fork width thickness, spread
  • Type of environment and work

Types of tipping skips

Whether it is for internal or external use, it’s important to look at what your requirements are before choosing a skip. For a better understanding of your needs, discuss your requirements with your supplier or manufacturer to consider capacity, size and safety features.

Manual Tipping SkipManual Skips

These skips have a lever that discharges the skip when pulled. Manual tipping skips are more suited for light waste management jobs and for environments that don’t require work at height. A cable-operated manual skip is optional, so that the driver doesn’t have to exit the vehicle for safety.

Automatic Tipping SkipAutomatic Skips

Skips with automatic release are the safer, more efficient choice for the workplace. Reducing dumping time to a minimum, they do not require the driver to leave the truck while tipping. The front of the tipping skip base is fitted with a nudge/push plate. When activated, the plate allows the skip to tip forward.

Roll Forward Tipping SkipRoll-forward Skips

Tiny teeth attached to two wheels allow the skip to safely roll forward and back in a smooth manner.

Ground Tipping Skips

Simple containers that require accessories to be loaded onto a forklift or to be lifted. These are ideally set on castors for internal use and then emptied outside.

Combination Skips

Some tipping skips feature both manual and automatic operation.


Does your skip need to be more mobile? Does it need more usable space vertically? Consider these accessories while shopping for your tipping skip.


Light or heavy duty Castors enable wheeling the tipping skip around, and are available with or without brakes.

Mesh Cage

Suitable for skips carrying packaging materials such as paper or cardboard. Fitting mesh cages onto the skip does not significantly increase the weight of the skip.

Traverse Forklift Attachment

For stacking tipping skips that need to be lifted and carried.

Galvanised Lid

Lids can be useful when the contents of the skip are not emptied regularly.

Product Recommendations

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