Your Wheelie Bin Favourites: Bestsellers

It’s that time of the year when we look back on our best selling wheelie bins and this year, we’ve decided to make a quick summary of your wheelie bin favourites!

Wheelie Bin Favourites

Out of our top bestselling products, 4 out of 5 were the two-wheeled 240L Wheelie Bins! The 120L Wheelie Bin was slightly behind, but understandably so. The 240L can easily accommodate a large household or large office. It can also accept up to four refuse bags, so we totally approve! It’s the recommended size for households which have five to six permanent residents. If you’re looking for more information on wheelie bin sizes, view our handy guide. Make sure to check with your council first to see what sizes they collect.

In the 240L category, we decided to pinpoint which colours were most popular, and the current standings are:

  • Dark Grey: 47.6%
  • Green: 22.4%
  • Blue: 18.2%
  • Red: 11.8%

Matching wheelie bin colours can be a problem, as councils have different colours bins and lids. The Dark Grey wheelie bin is definitely a safe choice for household general waste. The Green wheelie bin is the second most popular, usually for garden waste. For those out there using different wheelie bin colours for waste segregation and recycling, we see you! We feel a bit sad for our yellow wheelie bins, their high visibility isn’t always desirable, but can sometimes be necessary!

We look forward to another year of swiftly delivering wheelie bins to you and wish you a very happy new year!

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