Prevent the Theft of Your Keyless Starting Car with a Parking Post and More

Prevent the Theft of Your Keyless Starting Car with a Parking Posts and More

Keyless Entry and Keyless Start

We saw a surge in car crime last year, with most areas of the UK up year on year. The Midlands, more specifically saw the greatest increase, rising by over 200% on 2014-2018 (Direct Line Group). Furthermore, statistics conclude the total number of vehicle related crimes in the UK increased to over 113,000 in 2018.  This consequently equates to one report of a stolen vehicle every five minutes.

At Safety Direct2U we ask what is fueling this dramatic increase?

As more and more of us invest in newer, more efficient vehicles. We are opting for the keyless operating systems. Although these are practical for the end user and may be seemingly secure. They are in fact quick and easy for tech savvy criminals to override, putting an end to old fashioned methods of breaking, entering and stealing your car.

An article published by the BBC shows how car thieves can gain access to your car in less than 10 seconds. We say that as criminals are using technology to their advantage, we should resort to primitive measures in order to deter them.

Five ways to deter car thieves from stealing your keyless start car.

  • Are you parked in a secure spot? Most cars are stolen when it is dark as the reduced light makes it more discreet for thieves. We recommend parking your car on a well lit street, private driveway or in a garage.  More and more people are using a parking post and barriers in order to block garage doors and driveway exits. They are particularly effective as they can deter the theft of your keyless car. Even though car thieves may still be able to gain access to your car by tracking the keys signal, the parking post and barriers will add further obstacles. You can explore a wide range of Parking Posts and Car Park Barriers at Safety Direct2U.
  • Have you locked your car? Even though remote locking systems are good. Most of us use it while walking away from the car. There are several issues with this. While our backs are turned criminals can simply open a car door.  In addition to the fact that we can sometimes be out of range or unable to check the doors have actually locked. The easiest way to resolve this is by locking your car while you are nearby.
  • Are your keys in a safe place? Leaving your keys on show or within reaching distance gives criminals easy access to your vehicles. If possible, make sure your keys are out of sight. Placing them in zip up pockets and closed bags while out and about.
  • Where should I leave my car keys at home? As manufacturers are aware of the issues relating to keyless car, they are developing even stronger security systems. With some keys now able to have their keyless start and entry signal turned off temporarily. For those of us that don’t, there are a plethora of products that act as ‘signal blockers’. Often referred to as ‘Faraday bags’ or ‘Faraday boxes’, they are a cost effective way of adding an additional security measure.
  • Invest in the right technology – Although almost every car now has an alarm and immobilizer to prevent theft. If criminals gain access to the cars keyless entry and start field, this will also allow them to override the system. Using a traditional steering wheel, pedal or gear lock is a relatively cheap, easy to install method of deterring car thieves. In addition, installing a vehicle tracker and home CCTV systems can often help with the recovery of your car if and when it is taken.

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