It’s time to consider CoSHH Cabinets

Many of us handle hazardous substances on a daily basis, from cleaning chemicals to paint. We all come into contact with potentially harmful liquids or gases.  Although, there is no direct threat to our safety, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that these substances hold.

Well, lucky for us there is a set of regulations called the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. I know a mouthful, so thankfully experts call these regulations CoSHH for short. CoSHH ensures our bosses have procedures in place to control the exposure of hazardous substances to prevent ill health.

From considering what is potentially harmful to our health to planning for emergencies, our bosses have to ensure our safety at all times. Even if you’re self-employed, it’s important you still carry out the same procedures as a warehouse full of 100 people.


What substances are actually hazardous to my health?

We all imagine hazardous substances to be bright green in a toxic barrel, right? But this misconception, is why we need to be aware of our surroundings. You see, dust can be considered to be a hazardous substance. In fact, fun fact alert, radioactive substances aren’t covered by CoSHH!

Simple substances such as fumes, mists & chemicals all are considered to be hazardous according to the HSE. Many of us come into contact with these common substances, without knowing we may be damaging our health.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of hazardous substances that you need to be aware of. 

  1. Chemicals – E.g. Sulphuric Acids
  2. Mists
  3. Dusts
  4. Vapours
  5. Fumes
  6. Gases
  7. Products containing chemicals – E.g. Paints
  8. Nanotechnology – E.g. Electronics

All of these substances are considered hazardous to our health according to CoSHH regulations. It’s important that if you’re working with or around any of these substances, to have the right equipment in place to reduce potential harm. 

So, the question is what can we do to protect ourselves & staff from harmful substances? Well, there are many ways we can all start ensuring that our health comes first & we should start looking at CoSHH related products.

But, what do COSHH products look like?

Well, to your surprise you may use these products already. As hazardous substances are found universally, our CoSHH products can be found in a variety of industries and environments. The easiest yet most effective way to protect our health is to safely store hazardous substances. Found in the form of yellow hazardous cabinets, they have the ability to effectively lock harmful substances out of reach.


Our Justrite cabinets are our premium selection of CoSHH cabinets that offer a space saving solution to your safety requirements. Their ability to ensure that spills and leaks are contained within the cabinet, provides employees with the reassurance that they’re safe from potential trips & falls.

Justrite Countertop


So, you’re looking to store chemicals, but you haven’t got the space for a large cabinet. What you need is a small, yet effective cabinet that can fit on top of a work surface. Well, what if I was to tell you we have exactly what you’re looking for?

Our Justrite Countertop Cabinet is a small yet essential piece of furniture that can provide maximum safety. They allow easy access to often-used liquids and save the hassle of transporting hazardous substances to your work station.

Justrite Undercounter


Many environments such as welding stations, laboratories, production lines all use workbenches to perform a number of tasks. For health & safety reasons, it’s important to keep the surfaces clear so nothing can be placed on top. But, luckily for you we have a solution with our Justrite Undercounter Cabinet.

Available in smaller sizes to our hazardous cupboards, they can easily slot underneath a workbench. With a recessed toe kick, they sit flush to the workbench ensuring operators can stand whilst working.  

Justrite Cabinets


Whilst storing flammable liquids, it’s a vital requirement that employers consider the well-being of the environment and employees. It’s slim line design enables the cabinet to be placed in area’s where space may be tight.

However, don’t let this fool you. These cabinets still have the same features as the large cabinets and will still perform to a high standard. Manufactured from sturdy 1mm thick double walled steel, they provide insulating space to aid fire resistance.

Are CoSHH products really necessary?

Well ask yourself, is your health really necessary? If you’re under the impression that your facility doesn’t require CoSHH products, we recommend carrying out a risk an assessment to be 100% sure. If employers haven’t got procedures in place, the matter can be reported to the HSE or local authority environment health office.

It may be time to consider kitting your facility out with CoSHH related products to reduce the chance of accidents. Within our range of safety products, we have spill control, sump trays, mesh cages… the list is endless! So, why not check out our full range and ensure you’re offering your employees the safest possible environment. 

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