5 Ways to a Greener Workplace

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Creating a greener workplace is more challenging than creating a greener living one. Battling structures, tight budgets and human habits is no mean feat! The British Assessment Bureau claims that ‘bad waste practices are costing UK businesses at least £15 billion per year’. However, there are 5 areas you can improve by making small changes, potentially leading to the adoption of greener habits! Select and practice a few points per area, and notice how your contribution can help rewire your workplace into the green ideal it could be. In each area, we recommend indoor or outdoor bins for your business as well!

Copy & IT Room Recycling1. Save paper in the photocopy room

  • Set double side as a default for printers and copy machines
  • Look for recycled printing paper with minimum of chlorine bleaching
  • Collect scrap paper and reuse it for note taking or doodling
  • Digitize information, carry laptop for meetings and send memos by mail
  • Unclutter your desk and share through Google Docs or Dropbox
  • Recycle electronic components, toner, and ink cartridges

50 Litre Wheelie Bin

Kitchen Recycling2. Reuse and recycle in the kitchen

  • Encourage others to bring their own food in reusable containers
  • Choose non-processed and organic options for your lunch and snacks
  • Boil just enough water for the number of drinks being made
  • Get communal plates, bowls, cutlery and mugs
  • Add a recycling station to separate food waste, plastics, and paper

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Office Recycling3. Create an energy-efficient work area

  • Choose furniture from sustainable sources (such as FSC certified products)
  • Let natural lights through your windows and turn off lights at night
  • Turn the heater off when no one is around and layer up
  • Place potted plants in corners or on desks to filter the air
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists or trade publications, opt for electronic delivery

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Washroom Recycling4. Conserve water in the washroom

  • Offer hand sanitiser dispensers to reduce water usage and satisfy germaphobes
  • Install water-efficient toilets with dual flush options
  • This is the oldest one in the book, but turn off the tap while you wash your hands!
  • Instead of tissue paper, opt for cloth napkins or towels
  • Provide non-toxic and environmental cleaning products

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Greener Transport5. Commute and reduce your footprint

  • Walk, cycle or use public transport to work – if all fails, try carpooling
  • Support locally-sourced suppliers and order in bulk
  • Reuse boxes and shredded materials for packaging
  • Arrange for a collection of recyclable materials

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Practising one or more in each area should help making the ideal of a greener workplace into reality! We’ve got exciting news here at Direct2U: our brand-new catalogue is now out! There is no better way to view the latest and most popular product ranges from our network of websites. Wheelie Bins Direct2U will be featuring the best-selling two-wheeled Wheelie Bins and our very own TUFF Tipping Skips!

Psst, by the way, our catalogue was printed in the UK and all paper used in its production comes from sustainable sources. Also, to reduce carbon emissions, we deliver directly from our factory to your door! 

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    1. Direct2U (Post author)


      Thank you for getting in touch, we’re glad that you liked our blog post and that you share the same enthusiasm for going green in the workplace!

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