Why Does your Organisation Needs a Cycle Shelter?

cycle shelter


Are you thinking about purchasing a cycle shelter for your organisation? If you are then there is no need to look any further below are the five benefits as to why you need a cycle shelter.

Promotes cycling to work

Encouraging staff to cycle to work can provide several benefits not only to the staff but also the organisation. However, the bicycles need to be safe and secure when not in use. A cycle shelter can offer this security and peace of mind.

Benefits to Organisations

  • During peak times cycling commute time can be faster than travelling by car, meaning people who cycle are less likely to be late
  • Cyclists tend to be more productive
  • Regular cyclists will be happier, fitter and have a stronger immune system, resulting in less sick days
  • Supporting staff who cycle will demonstrate your organisation’s sustainability commitment as well as health and well-being.
  • There are several grants organisations can receive to help towards the costs of providing cycle storage, maintenance and training schemes.

Health benefit

Cycling to work will not only benefit the organisation but also the cyclist, there are many proven health benefits. The list below highlights a few of those benefits.

Benefits to Cyclists

  • Cycling to work has many health benefits such as improving cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness. Improving co-ordination, building muscle and boosting energy are results of a daily commute.
  • A number of studies have shown that cycling to work reduces stress, improves sleep patterns and reduces anxiety.
  • Cycling to work can make you smarter; preventing cognitive decline, sharpen memory and learning and enhancing brain performance.


Weather proofing and Security

Buying a cycle can be an expensive purchase and users need to be able to keep them safe from thieves and vandals. A cycle shelter will provide a place to which a cycle can be secured to via a padlock or similar lock. Taking security even further a cycle compound offers a larger amount of security: cycle racks inside and locked gated compound.

According to cyclist news, nearly 400’000 bicycles are stolen per year. Creating a safe and secure place to house bicycles is key.

Not only do cycle shelters and compounds add security to bicycles they also protect cycles and cyclists from the weather. Nobody wants to ride home with a wet seat!


Interesting design feature

The cycle shelters available in many designs and styles, they fit into almost any locations. Metal and Wooden cycle shelters: look very natural and would fit into any natural environment, easily blending into rural surroundings. Some shelters are more modern and contemporary and would fit into areas with many modern buildings and areas.


Why Choose Cycle Shelters Direct2U?

Cycle Shelters Direct2U: a specialist website dedicated to the supply of shelters, racks and much much more. After years of experience in supplying industries such as: ** we can offer products for all types of projects and to suit any budget.

We like to work closely with our customers and if a site consultation is what you want then we can send a member of our team out to meet you and discuss your options, free of charge. This technical consultation will assess your needs as an organisation, budget and make suggestions on the products that meet your specifications.

Cycle Shelters Direct2U offers FREE UK mainland delivery as standard and some products can even be delivered next day for an additional charge. If you need installation service on our shelters our experienced team an organise this for you.

Examples of our favourite Shelters and compounds

Fortis Cycle Shelter
Popular choice for schools, commercial premises and workplaces due to its quality and price. Each cycle shelter is manufactured from high quality steel and leg frames can be bolted or grouted.


Dudley Cycle Shelter
Featuring a curved Perspex roof and back this shelter can provide maximum protection from the elements. Available Galvanised or Galvanised and Powder Coated.

dudley cycle shelter

Closed Cycle Shelter
Cycle compound which provides ultimate cycle security with access through a keypad lock, constructed of hot dipped galvanised steel and Plexiglas side and back panels.
Closed Cycle compound

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