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Answering your FAQ’s Cycle Shelter Edition!

Answering your FAQ's Cycle Shelter Edition!

What is a Cycle Shelter?💭 A cycle shelter is a type of overhead storage to shelter bicycles. Over the past years there has been a huge influx in keen cyclists. In 2022, there was a 23.7% increase since the previous year, showing it is only going to continue growing! Further developments include the 63% increase in cyclists between 2013 and 2021(Cycling index). Save with our Summer Sale!🌼 Spring is here, and so is our sale! On all our best-sellers across the range, we are giving our Direct2U customers an additional 10% OFF! We understand everyone is in a hurry to… Read more

Celebrating Earth Day 2024!

Celebrating earth day!

What is Earth Day?🌍 On 22nd April, we celebrate Earth Day “as a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation & sustainability”. On this day, we can take the opportunity to come together and act towards a healthier planet. To improve the environment today, and to give generations to come a greener world, as there is no planet B! How can I Contribute to Help the Environment?💭 With many options available, there are many ways for everyone to get involved with Earth Day! Whether it is volunteering you’re interested in, or simply making your vote count. All help is needed… Read more

Prepare for Cycling to Work this Spring!

Prepare for cycling to work this spring!

Why Install a Cycle Shelter for this Spring time? Cycling to work is the new norm, with many choosing to travel on 2 wheels over car, train and bus commuting! As the spring weather is approaching, more and more will want the option of cycling to work to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit for the environment…While making the most of the weather. This seems to be a trend since lockdown in 2020, which had the highest levels of miles cycled since 2002! GOV.UK states cycling trips have increased by 26% in 2020, proving people are taking cycling… Read more

Get your Cycle Shelters Grant worth £15,000!

Cycle to work grants are now available! Get your free quote today!

Are you based in Greater Manchester? If so, You can upgrade your outdoor space today with an exciting Cycle shelters grant! They are a great idea for securing your bikes and keeping them secure when commuting to and from school, work and much more.. Don’t wait! Apply today Who is Eligible? You can apply for the cycle shelter grant if you are schools or education providers, NHS providers, small businesses or community organisations! This is exclusive to the Greater Manchester Community, funded to improve and encourage cycle parking in the region! Want to learn more? Click Here How to Apply… Read more