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Get your Cycle Shelters Grant worth £15,000!

Cycle to work grants are now available! Get your free quote today!

Are you based in Greater Manchester? If so, You can upgrade your outdoor space today with an exciting Cycle shelters grant! They are a great idea for securing your bikes and keeping them secure when commuting to and from school, work and much more.. Don’t wait! Apply today Who is Eligible? You can apply for the cycle shelter grant if you are schools or education providers, NHS providers, small businesses or community organisations! This is exclusive to the Greater Manchester Community, funded to improve and encourage cycle parking in the region! Want to learn more? Click Here How to Apply… Read more

Cycle Shelters Projects from Direct2U

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At Direct2U, we offer a wide range of Cycle Shelters, Smoking Shelters, Walkways and more. They are ideal for locations such as parks, town centres, hospitals, schools, and office spaces. Let’s take a look at our recent, as well as our past, Cycle Shelters Projects. We are proud to showcase our variety of Cycle Shelters projects over the years. As more and more of our projects come to life, we continue to update our website with these new installations. This way, you are able to see how you can truly benefit from these apparatus. Follow Our Cycle Shelters Guide So,… Read more

Cycle to Work for Earth Day!

Celebrated annually on April 22nd, Earth Day reminds us that there is much more we can all do when it comes to protecting our planet. The likes of pollution and deforestation are still amongst the biggest issues. Incredibly, it’s the simplest of actions we take that can have a monumental impact on the planet’s future. This could be litter picking, cycling to work or planting trees. We’re going to focus on just how effective cycling to work is and what a difference it can make to not only the planet, but to your physical and emotional wellbeing. We’ll explore the… Read more

Biking to Work – The New Commute

Biking to Work Blog

It would be an understatement to say the way that we work has changed in the last year. Tens of thousands of us were forced to make the leap to working from home, and many of us have never gone back. With the work from home phenomenon here to stay for a lot of employees, it has had many knock on effects. Perhaps the biggest of all these being the changes to the daily commute. Many people might only need to travel into work a few times a week. With this changes comes a new opportunity for a different kind… Read more