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Biking to Work – The New Commute

Biking to Work Blog

It would be an understatement to say the way that we work has changed in the last year. Tens of thousands of us were forced to make the leap to working from home, and many of us have never gone back. With the work from home phenomenon here to stay for a lot of employees, it has had many knock on effects. Perhaps the biggest of all these being the changes to the daily commute. Many people might only need to travel into work a few times a week. With this changes comes a new opportunity for a different kind… Read more

Cycle Shelters: Investing in Workplace Health & Well-being

Stepping up the Gears with Workplace Health & Well-being The rise of the millennial’s in workplace environments is already well underway. With it, new ethics, values and attitudes are steadily shaping the future of workplace culture. Amongst these attitudes, none seem more significant than the health and fitness trend. We’ve all been witness to it. Whether it’s the young gents of the office discussing their bench press personal bests or the ladies discussing gym classes over freshly made smoothies. The “next gen” are very aware of the benefits achieved through a healthy lifestyle and are evolving to strengthen these beliefs…. Read more

Cycle to Work Day Countdown – 13th September 2017

There is less than one month to cycle to work day; are you prepared? 17’131 cyclists have pledged to to take part in this mass commute to work in order to win some fabulous prizes. With the prize pot being bigger than ever containing holidays, bikes and many many more. So; what is Cycle to Work day? It a day where thousands of adults across the UK are encourage to ditch the cars and get on their bike! It’s a great way to boost your health and fitness, improve your wellbeing and do your bit to lower your carbon footprint…. Read more

Tour de France – A Quick Guide

The 21 stages of the 2017 Tour can be broken down as follows: 9 flat stages, 5 hilly stages, 5 mountain stages and 2 individual time trials. You may be mistaken into thinking that the Tour de France is a big road race from start to finish but it is far from it. There are many rules which must be adhered to; they are condensed as follows. Participation A maximum of 22 teams of 9 riders each will compete; with a total of 198 competitors at the starting line. Competitors are required to present themselves at the office for starting… Read more