Benefits of cycling

Prepare for Cycling to Work this Spring!

Prepare for cycling to work this spring!

Why Install a Cycle Shelter for this Spring time? Cycling to work is the new norm, with many choosing to travel on 2 wheels over car, train and bus commuting! As the spring weather is approaching, more and more will want the option of cycling to work to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit for the environment…While making the most of the weather. This seems to be a trend since lockdown in 2020, which had the highest levels of miles cycled since 2002! GOV.UK states cycling trips have increased by 26% in 2020, proving people are taking cycling… Read more

Cycle Shelters: Investing in Workplace Health & Well-being

Stepping up the Gears with Workplace Health & Well-being The rise of the millennial’s in workplace environments is already well underway. With it, new ethics, values and attitudes are steadily shaping the future of workplace culture. Amongst these attitudes, none seem more significant than the health and fitness trend. We’ve all been witness to it. Whether it’s the young gents of the office discussing their bench press personal bests or the ladies discussing gym classes over freshly made smoothies. The “next gen” are very aware of the benefits achieved through a healthy lifestyle and are evolving to strengthen these beliefs…. Read more

Commitment to Commuting

Commuting Commitment

Having commitment issues with commuting? It’s that time again…the New Years Resolutions of cycle commuting are now starting to fade away. This week is said to be the week where most people fall off the resolution band wagon. It seems every year that the number one goal for everyone is to get fit. Second to that is to stop spending so much/ save more money. Want to know a way you can do both of those with one change? Cycle to work! It has been calculated that workers could save over £1300 a year by choosing a bike over a car. The… Read more

How Cycling Can Help You

There are the obvious benefits to getting on your bike, like improving your fitness and trying to become healthier person. But some of the benefits of cycling are more obscure and unexpected. We’ve named just a few here to see if we can entice you to start cycling more and see what all the fuss is about. Cycling can help you… 1. Ride on into happiness When asked about exercise the last word that springs to mind is happiness. But to everyone’s surprise the two are linked. It’s suggested that any mild to moderate exercise releases natural ‘feel good’ endorphins… Read more