Which Storage Cabinet will work best for me?

Armour Storage Cabinets

At Direct2U we have a wide range storage cupboards and cabinets. Which can fit into all environments. Our storage cabinet ranges are all designed unique. Thus to meet the needs in different workplaces. Below are a few of the ranges we offer to help you choose the best for you!

What Kind of Storage Cabinets are there?

  • Metal Cupboards – Ideal for general use, offer value for money and durability. Help to keep team tidy and organised to increase productivity.
  • Heavy Duty Cupboards – Offers high security, durable steel construction. With added heavy duty security features.
  • Utility Cupboards – A fit for all industrial environments. Unique features allow for dynamic functionality.
  • PPE Cabinets – Improve safety within the workplace. A safe space to store important personal protective equipment.
  • Vision Door Cabinets – Unique feature that allows security. Whilst still showing the content of the cabinet, good for high risk/ value items.
  • Perforated Door Cupboards – An alternative to the vision door cabinets. Perforated doors offer privacy and security whilst still having items visible.
Perforated Door Storage Cabinets

Where are storage cupboards used most?

Our storage cupboards come in a lot of different varieties so we can cater to all needs. All cupboards can go in a number of different environments but they have been designed with a set use in mind. We have tall, small also wide options. As well as lockable or open front cabinets in a range of colours to fit into any décor. Some popular areas using our cupboards are office and warehouses also factories. As well as hospitals and high security areas.

Security Storage Cupboards

What are the main features of storage cupboards?

Our storage cabinets have a lot of different features to make them unique for each purpose they have. However most these features are on most of our cupboards. Each product on our website details the ones included from the below:

  • Highest quality and standards
  • Hinged lockable doors
  • Anti-bacterial powder coating
  • Durable steel construction
  • Swan neck reinforced hinges
  • Adjustable shelves & garment rails
  • Multi-point keyed locking mechanisms
  • Fire guard tested & certified
  • Flush ‘no snag’ handles

View a few of our most popular cupboards below. For any further information please get in touch! Our sales team are available via call, live chat or email.

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