Can Wheelie Bin Storage help you?

how can wheelie bin storage help you?

Firstly, what is wheelie bin storage? Wheelie bin sheds are a practical solution to disguise untidy council waste bins. What is the solution for these garden eyesores? Bin stores prevent unsightly coloured bins from being the centre point on your drive!

We manufacture our wooden bin storage right here in the West Midlands, UK! So, rest assured they are made to last, built from the highest quality timber! The unique build contains a variety of recycling options, to keep all bins out of sight until collection day…

But, its not all about looks! They provide a practical storage solution for large families for additional waste storage and aid in recycling efforts for ultimate organisation. And what’s better is that this is outside, keeping your home more tidy and organised!

Still unsure if its for you? Read the pro’s and con’s below…

Pro’s of Wheelie Bin Storage


There are pros and cons for everything, but when it comes to wheelie bin storage it is hard to deny their use and functionality, whilst being environmentally friendly!

They are delivered as Flat pack for ease to fit through small spaces to be built outdoors. The quality timber is made for outdoor environments and is weather resistant against gale force winds.

Although they are not essential, during these windy winter months it is debateable with a lot of wheelie bins falling over in the road, or even going missing due to extraordinary winds. This can also cause traffic, loss of your bin.. and not to mention your rubbish inside littering your road for everyone to see!

TOP TIP: Wheelie Bin Storage is great idea if you don’t want your bin to end up sky high…

How can Bin sheds help you?

Our bin stores are multi-functional with a wide range of uses, to benefit every individual and environment. Aside from improving the appearance of your property, there are many functional benefits to owning wheelie bin storage.

This includes how they benefit the environment, by reducing litter and recycling your waste simultaneously. It can keep your home tidy and recycle-free and teach the family important recycling habits.

Not only this, but it can prevent unwanted visitors from wildlife, such as rats, foxes and more. We offer optional accessories including a safety hasp, to prevent unauthorised access until collection day! This is ideal if you have a shared garden or passageway spaces. This also, protects your rubbish from nosey neighbours or passers by if kept in front gardens with easy access!

Find your Fit

For most households in the UK, the 240L wheelie bin is the most common size for many councils. This measures 57.5cm (Width) x 107cm (height) x 73cm (depth). Although, across the country sizes may vary… That’s why we have wheelie bin storage in many different sizes. At Direct2U, we provide 3 wheelie bin storage, double bin sheds with a variety of recycling storge options.

The size guide we offer includes:

  • 140 Litre
  • 180 Litre
  • 240 Litre
  • 360 Litre

Shop the Specialist storage range here.

Set up and maintenance

set up and maintenance

Once purchased you need to know how to keep your storage solutions looking fresher for longer!

Here’s some helpful tips to improve the longevity of your wheelie bin shed. Our timber has undergone treatment with pressure treated with chemical Tanalith E. Although this doesn’t mean its maintenance free! This chemical prevents rotting, but it may require regular up keep throughout the years. This can include coats of wood stain or paint colour maintenance as the sun fades it.

We strongly suggest all storage to be built on a level, which can anchor to a solid base. If you build straight on the ground, this may be more susceptible to rot and decay. This would impact the lifespan of the product. Moreover, if the base is not level, this could affect the structure and cause pulls at the corners. Causing structural problems, such as stopping the doors from opening. As our wheelie bins are free standing units, you can anchor these units to the floor.

Is Outdoor bin Storage worthwhile?

In conclusion, Outdoor wheelie bin storage is a worthwhile investment for your property, with many amazing benefits to improve and help with recycling chores. In addition, due to the high quality materials used, with regular maintenance it can provide years of use!

Unsure what you need?

If your unsure which storage would suit you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 01922 715130. Alternatively you can message us on live chat for an instant reply!

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