Weather Update & Website News

Weather update and Website update

Weather update:

Britain will see a white Christmas according to forecasters.

For most of us this weather update is becoming more and more believable every day, particularly after Storm Angus’ appearance this week. Many across the nation experienced 80mph winds and flooding.

Although it’s still technically a bit too early to forecast Christmas weather, there’s several good indicators that suggest it’s possible.

Storm Angus has left more than 1000 properties in the south west without power. The storm also left a lot of the UK battered with trees falling and ice dominating roadways.

However, don’t expect too much snow to be falling on lower ground. Most of the country will experience a lot of rain. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for Sussex and Kent. These areas could see winds of 45 – 55mph with some gusts of 65mph.

Don’t ignore this weather update. If snow will affect how your business runs or compromise safety, make sure you start preparations. We have fantastic offers on Rock Salt (use as an alternative to grit) and snow clearing bundles. Check these deals out here:

One of our large rock salt bags is just £20 and we offer quantity discounts making it easy and low cost to protect your premises.

Website update:

We’re responsive!

You might notice that we look a bit different this year. It’s true – we’ve had a facelift. Our new responsive site has lots of cool features that we were lacking before.

The most important one is that we’re responsive. This means we now shrink to suit whatever device you’re viewing us on. We look great at all sizes including all mobile and tablet sizes too.

Our facelift has allowed us to use some awesome photography and generally look much better.

You may also notice our wintery add on of snowflakes. Yes that’s right, we have snowflakes falling on our pages! If this doesn’t make you excited for the winter, nothing will.


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