Severe Cold & Snow set for UK

Winter 2016 set for snow

The coldest and snow-iest Winter for five years is about to hit the UK soon.

Experts believe Britain is on the brink of a major Arctic freeze and citizens should be ready to face the the most snow winter has seen for years.

Forecasters have predicted that next month we will see a blast of ‘potent’ severe weather and snow lasting four months. The UK will witness its first momentous and disruptive snowfall for five years promising chaos.

The Science of Snow

The bitter forecast is due to subtle changes in the atmospheric pressure. Such changes will lead to freezing air flooding in from the Arctic throughout the winter season. The result of the reduced pressure gradient leaves Northern Europe open to winds coming from colder regions further north.

Reports show a change in the air circulation around the North Pole in the past week. These changes are causing forecasters to warn of severe cold. Pressure between the Arctic region and the north of Europe has weakened which signifies a potential coldness in the UK.

Experts believe the cold is likely to start early November and then plummet throughout December and January. Many fear that the UK could face a crisis worse than winter 2010. Severe weather that winter airport closures and the collapse of many transport networks.

Council Preparations

Councils are getting themselves ready with copious amounts of grit to keep the roads open and flowing. Members are already monitoring minute by minute weather reports in order to be prepared. There are state of the art gritters at the ready to dispatch when they need to.

The North of the UK such as Scotland and the Highlands are high risk of seeing snowfall first, with the rest of the UK believed to be snow free until November. Although this Autumn is having warm interludes, experts are telling citizens to not be lulled into a false sense of security.

White Christmas

Despite the promise of snow, The WeatherOutlook is predicting only a 13-18% likelihood of a White Christmas. Experts suggest that the highest chance of snow is to be in late November and early January with a slim chance of it coinciding with Christmas.

Prepare Your Premises

With such a long and potentially damaging winter ahead, make sure you’re prepared. Whether you’re a business owner or a home owner, grit is essential for maintaining safety. Many businesses face closure during bad weather due to inaccessibility. Staff often fear safety levels when parking at work with risk of being stranded. Choose from a range of snow clearing bundles available on our website to keep your premises clear.

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