Rubbermaid Cleaning & housekeeping Carts: A Need To Know

Cleaning Carts

Rubbermaid offer a huge range of cleaning carts which enhance the organisation, storing as well as transportation of cleaning supplies. Their smooth surfaces make them easy to clean with replaceable vinyl bags and non-marking castors. Cleaning carts keep your supplies organised whilst giving them mobility. Each cart has an optimum load to footprint ratio with large capacity and organisation for greater productivity. Additionally cost savings will occur.

Cleaning Cart           Cleaning Cart Cleaning Cart

Housekeeping Carts

A housekeeping cart is very convenient for carrying laundry, clean linen and cleaning equipment. Each product by Rubbermaid is built with durability and functionality in mind; since being a house keeper is hard manual work; Rubbermaid have produced a range of products that will make the task a little easier. Direct2U offer a full range of carts to suit any task; these carts accommodate vacuums, laundry bags as well as compact folding designs. Each cart covers a range of features such as: handles for easy mobility, locking castors help to keep the cart still whilst in use when needed.

Linen Collection Cart

Advantages of Cleaning & Housekeeping Carts

Higher cleaning capability – all in the same place
Reduces work fatigue
Increases productivity
Highly maneuverable

Cart Accessories

Direct2U have recently added additional accessories to the website for you to be able to customise your carts for individual tasks. Cleaning and Housekeeping carts both have an updated range of accessories for you to enjoy and use, see below for the list of new accessories per cart. These accessories are now available to purchase through our safe & secure checkout.


Cleaning Carts

  • Vinyl Bags
  • Slim Jims
  • Brutes
  • Double Bag Holder
  • Compact Fabric replacement bag
  • Spray bottles
  • Disinfecting caddies
  • Colour coded buckets
  • Organising bixes
  • Sani duo
  • Security compartment
  • Wheel Kit
  • Triple bag waste holder
  • Pocket fabric organiser
  • Fabric Mesh Linen bag
  • Locking cabinet door
  • Recycling bag set
  • Laundry Net
  • Wavebrake
  • Combo bravo

Linen Cart

  • Vinyl Replacement Bag – zipped side
  • 2 Locking Doors
  • Utility draw with lock
  • Protective security hood
  • Pocket fabric organiser
  • Fabric mesh linen bag
  • Organising boxes
  • Bungee kit
  • Triple waste bag holder
  • Locking cabinet kit
  • Slim jim
  • Waste cover & storage compartment
  • Vinyl bag
  • Security compartment

cleaning cart accessories

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