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School Canteen Furniture

At Direct2u we often get questions about what lunch tables for schools customers should go for. This can depend on the customers canteen environment, size of the school as well as if the school is a primary or secondary school. We also know that school dining furniture must cater to a variety of unique features.

For example, as the furniture will be in use at least 5 times a week, the canteen units need to resist a lot of wear and tear. Having tables and chairs that are easy to clean, stack, fold and move are key features to look for. It is also important to be aware and be familiar with multi-functional school furniture. If the school is on the smaller side, most schools will use their canteen halls as multi-purpose halls or P.E classes, and assembly halls.

Our wide range of school canteen tables and chairs include units suitable for both primary and secondary schools. They can also be used inside and outside. Selecting the right educational furniture is very important because of several things. For example, the size of the canteen unit should be comfortable for pupils to enjoy their break time. This means choosing the right dimensions and sizes for your canteen should be a top of priority.

Having dining sets on castor wheels ensures that table units can be transported from one place to another hassle free. Most of our school and education furniture range come with castor wheels. But if this isn’t something you are interested in or in need of, we do have plenty of stationary canteen table and bench sets.

Primary Lunch Tables for Schools

All our primary school furniture is mobile on castor wheels. Which means that they can be transported around school and education environments easily. We offer these canteen units in rectangle and circular designs which can seat up to 16 seats. This is ideal for schools that encourage their pupils to socialise in their break times.  Customers can also customise the colour of their canteen unit. This is great for matching the colour scheme of their school. This is generally more popular for primary schools as it is more common for that environment to involve bright and fun colours.

  • Mobile folding table with grey frame, which are easy to store, clean and fold.
  • Laminated table top with tough edging and MDF core
  • Water resistant and easy clean
  • Fits through standard 1980mm height doorway
  • Safety lock for open position
  • Two heights available; Primary – 685mm / Secondary – 735mm
  • 16 year warranty on weld and mechanism
  • Heavy duty locking castors
  • FIRA certified

Secondary Lunch Tables for Schools

Next, our Primo range of canteen units are a more modern and mature school lunch tables. Like our primary range, the primo folding tables come in two different shapes: rectangle and circle. But, they come with 3 different chair types. These include a stool shaped chair, a seat with a half back and a chair with a full back. The full back gives pupils that extra support and comfort. Like the primary range of school furniture, customers can choose between 3 tabletop colours. Black, oak, and white are the three options, giving your school canteen a luxury and modern feel.

  • Designed for use in secondary and higher education establishments due to their modern luxury feel
  • 50mm thick laminated table top and grey frame
  • Fits through standard height doorway so is great for storage and transportation
  • Open position safety lock to ensure table does not revert to folding position
  • Easy clean intermediate lock for improved hygiene
  • Transport and storage locking positions

End of year revamp for your School Canteen

Looking to redecorate your school canteen before the end of the financial year? Then have a browse of our bestselling range manufactured in the UK. Most of our items including our Mobile canteen units’ range have a 16-year warranty along with being FIRA certified. This gives customers security when shopping from Canteen furniture at Direct2U.

In conclusion, we recommend all schools to consider revamping their school canteen every so often. Overused furniture can lead to a very uncomfortable break time for pupils!

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