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Our TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift Range

Our TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift Range Price, quality and delivery are three things you will not have to worry about when shopping from our TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift range. What is particularly unique about our product is that it has the capability to hold numerous amounts of capacity. Up to 1000kg to be exact! This therefore enables you to lift carefree and let the lift do the lifting for you. What is a TUFF Mobile Scissor Lift and why does ours stand out? So, you may be asking, what are the TUFF Mobile Scissor Lifts all about and why would… Read more

Christmas Delivery News – Direct2U

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It’s that time of year where we are asked so frequently ”Can I get a pre christmas delivery?” We will soon be closing for Christmas! But before we close the doors for a short while, we thought now would be a good time to update you all on what to expect over the next week or so. We will outline delivery cut-off dates and times, closing dates and when we’ll be re-opening the doors in the new year. Read on! Delivery before Christmas? If you’re looking to receive a delivery before Christmas, there’s still time! But you’ll have to act… Read more

Which Storage Cabinet will work best for me?

Which Storage Cabinet will work best for me?

At Direct2U we have a wide range storage cupboards and cabinets. Which can fit into all environments. Our storage cabinet ranges are all designed unique. Thus to meet the needs in different workplaces. Below are a few of the ranges we offer to help you choose the best for you! What Kind of Storage Cabinets are there? Metal Cupboards – Ideal for general use, offer value for money and durability. Help to keep team tidy and organised to increase productivity. Heavy Duty Cupboards – Offers high security, durable steel construction. With added heavy duty security features. Utility Cupboards – A… Read more

Warehouse Safety Steps – Need to knows!

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Working from height can be one of the safest methods of work or one of the most dangerous. This all depends on how you manage the situation between yourself and your team. Using the correct equipment and adhering to safety regulations can save lives. So, there are many variations of Warehouse Safety Steps to choose from. They all serve a common purpose; allowing the user to work with confidence. Where would you need to use Safety Steps? A common misconception is that safety equipment is only necessary in Warehouse environments. Yet, we should apply the safest methods of working into… Read more