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TUFF Lockers: Hospital Install

TUFF Lockers: Hospital Install

We provide lockers to a huge variety of different sectors for a number of different uses. One of their most popular uses is in hospitals, providing safe and secure storage for staff members personal belongings and uniforms.

We recently provided and installed a range of our bestselling TUFF Lockers to St Peter’s Hospital for use in their staff changing rooms. Take a look below at some images of the lockers after they were installed by our team.

See our range of TUFF Lockers here.

TUFF Lockers in a changing room

Reliable TUFF Lockers

TUFF Lockers are our bestselling range for a good reason. They are simple, effective and reliable. If you need a cost effective storage solution there’s no better lockers to choose.

St Peter’s Hospital opted for 3 compartments per locker. This allows for the user to comfortably store a large backpack, bag or clothing. They also upgraded the lockers with locker stands and numbered doors.

A locker stand (pictured above) helps raise the units off the ground. This allows for easier cleaning around the base of the lockers. This is an absolutely essential upgrade in a hospital environment.

Further improving their lockers, St Peter’s added numbered doors and key fobs. This might not seem like much but it can be invaluable when you have a large number of staff members. It not only helps organise compartments but it also gives users a sense of ownership over their locker.

Numbered cam locks and keys
More TUFF lockers

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TUFF Lockers for Whistl

Whistl Lockers Project

Back in March of 2019, delivery company Whistl contacted us looking for some new lockers for one of their staff rooms. As one of the UK’s leading delivery management companies they have a lot of staff working in their warehouses. To make life a little easier, they took steps to upgrade their facilities and offer everyone brand new, secure storage for their belongings. The end goal was to give all members of staff enough space for all the essential items that they need to bring into work each day.

Why TUFF Lockers?

Our TUFF Lockers make for great staff lockers. They come in a whole host of sizes with anything from a single door per locker to six. For Whistl, this variety allowed us to select the exact size they would need to comfortably fit their locker room.

After assessing the room dimensions and taking into account the various walls and pillars, we were able to suggest W400 x D400mm units. This is the largest width and depth we offer TUFF Lockers in, comfortably offering enough space for bags, folded coats and other belongings. With four doors per locker, we were able to fit in enough compartments to fully accommodate all staff with ease.

View our full range of TUFF Lockers

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BuzzBox Laminate Lockers Installation

In February this year, a popular high street store contacted us. They were looking for some lockers to help give their staff area a makeover.

After working out what space was available, we went through a variety of options and find the best fit for their requirements. They went for the Buzzbox lockers which look great in the space they have, below are some pictures so you can see for yourselves!

Choosing the right lockers for you

The Buzzbox laminate lockers are the perfect solution if you are after a stylish way to provide safe storage for staff. As they offer a modern sleek look that can fit into most environments. We also offer these in one, two, three and four door options. Our customer opted for a combination of two and three doors, this is a good way to ensure all staff have the right amount of space for there belongings.

As well as a number of different door options, we have different lock options. These range from a standard key lock to coin locks and combination. All the locks offered provide added security so staff don’t have to worry about there belongings. Our customer went for the coin return locks. They are a good option to ensure keys are returned to the lockers. Especially when different staff members are using them. As once the key has returned, the money/ token will be released back to the locker user.

Need further information regarding our service?

Our friendly sales team are always happy to help. If you require any further information regarding any of our products, the quoting process or installing, then please get in touch!

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Covid-19 – Workplace Lockers and Storage

Due to Covid-19 there have been many new procedures and restrictions put into place within workplaces, to allow for a safe working environment. Some of these restrictions include staggered shift patterns and no hot desking, however have you thought about the lockers and storage you are providing to your staff.

Workplace storage is a key area where bacteria and germs could potentially lurk and risk infecting other members of the work force even when keeping to safe social distancing. There are some key changes that could be done to help reduce risks;

  • Individual storage – often workplace offer sharing lockers or storage, for space and cost saving. However, sharing storage could increase risk of infection between staff members even with staggered shift patterns.
  • Lockers with antibacterial properties – our lockers have a anti-bacteria properties without their paint work. This prevents the infection and growth of bacteria on the surface of the lockers.
  • Providing hand sanitiser – providing hand sanitiser for your employees they will encourage staff to use this both before and after using their storage and the staff areas.
  • Regularly clean – ensuring that lockers are cleaned at the minimum between each work shift. This will help reduce the risk of infection between employees on different shifts.
  • Separations between storage – by separating lockers, this allows further space for staff to socially distance. All of our lockers can be purchased in individual widths, but can nested together at a late date if required.

By making these few simple changes to your workplace storage you will be creating a safer working environment for your staff members.

Workplace Safety

There are many other aspects to be considered when bringing staff members back into the workplace in order to create a safe and socially distanced working environment. Some of these aspects include:

  1. Reducing the number of staff on site. Can any of your staff work from home, as this will reduce staff numbers. Amending working hours to shift patterns would also help.
  2. Increasing the space between workstations. With a reduced workforce there would hopefully be space for increased distance between staff workstations.
  3. Use of temporary barriers on workstations or in staff areas. Especially if you are unable to increase space between work stations, adding temporary barriers will help to lower infection risks.

If you need to purchase any further storage to manage these steps, why not take a look at our range.

It’s time to update your lockers

Update your lockers

We live in an era where first impressions count, when a client or prospect enters your facility it’s important that the decor reflects your high standards.

One factor to consider when re-decorating is lockers, their functionality to store personal belongings away can de-clutter a whole workspace. Additionally, their designs and colours can add to the environment and brighten up previously dull locations.

Deciphering which lockers suit or are going to be the best fit can lead to hours of online searching. But here at Direct2U, we like to help you find the best offers and ease the process of updating your lockers.

Executive Lockers

Executive Lockers

Classy, sleek and decorative our executive lockers provide offices with a modern taken on traditional lockers. With a selection of colours, they can easily be added to existing decor or styled around new offices. I’m slightly biased, but our executive lockers provide that extra flair many offices are missing. Their unique design and finish provides a modern atmosphere that can offer a great first impression.

Probe BuzzBox Laminate Lockers

Probe Buzzbox Laminate Lockers

For a pop of colour, our buzzbox lockers are ideal to liven up a workspace. Available in a range of colours, they’re perfect for offices, schools and universities in need of a colour boost. By including bright and colourful furniture in any working space, it’s known to boost morale and improve productivity. If you require this extra boost, our Buzzbox laminate lockers are an amazing fit.

TUFF Rustic Lockers

TUFF Rustic Lockers

New to our range, our TUFF Rustic Lockers have been a popular hit within gyms, changing rooms and workspaces. Their vintage appearance throws you into a steam punk era & changes the dynamic of the room.

Hand crafted, each unit is completely bespoke. No one locker will be the same, which adds to the quirkiness of the lockers. If you want to make an everlasting first impression, then TUFF Rustic lockers are ideal for your facility.

You’re missing out on potential exposure

This mostly applies to organisations who rely on word of mouth, E.g. Coffee Shops, Gyms or Retail stores. It’s become a common trend for customers to pose next to aesthetically pleasing locations and tag them via social media. Something as powerful as social media shouldn’t be ignored. Whilst lockers isn’t going to be the next fashion trend, it’s important to acknowledge how they can provide this important aesthetic that may result in organic exposure.

Get in touch

Hopefully we’ve helped open your mind to the potential of updating decor. Due to our extensive range, if you require further help our sales team can assist with any questions. However, for now if you want to check out our range then head to Lockers Direct2U and see what we have to offer!

Guide to: Education and School Lockers

School Low Height Lockers
School Lockers

When working with small children, organisation is key. It’s often difficult to keep rooms tidy and many schools lack storage. We have the perfect solution on how to teach children responsibility for their belongings and how to be tidy!

Unsure on how to make your budget work for you? We will help identify the best lockers and storage solutions for your requirements. All large orders are subject to discounts, including upgrades. Order any of our lockers now for guaranteed winter break install. Most schools will return to school 7th January 2019. So, make sure you start the year off right with some new storage.

Primary School Lockers

Primary School Lockers – 900mm High

  • 2.95 feet highPrimary School Locker - 900mm
  • Made to order – 20 days
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 compartments
  • Cam lock locking
  • 7 door colour options
  • Made in the UK
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Fire Guard Tested & Certified
  • Optional upgrades including sloping tops, stands and more

Atlas School Lockers – 943mm High

  • 3.1 feet highAtlas Locker - 943mm
  • Fastest delivery – 7 days
  • 2 compartments on all units
  • 5 vibrant colour options
  • 2 lock options – key or padlock
  • 2 depth options – 380 or 450mm
  • Screw together construction
  • Fixing holes for nesting together or wall attachment
  • Doors can be easily replaced
  • Anti-bacterial coating

Middle School LockersPrimary School Lockers - 1100mm

Primary School Lockers – 1100mm High

  • 3.6 feet tall
  • 20 day delivery – made to order
  • Choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments per unit
  • Key lock as standard
  • UK made
  • Germ Guard anti-bacterial paint
  • Upgrades available

Probe Low Lockers - 1210mm

Probe Low Lockers – 1210mm High

  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 compartments
  • 7 door colour options
  • 2 depths available: 305 or 460mm
  • Conforms to BS 4680:1996
  • Anti-bacterial paint coating

Probe Low Lockers – 1350mm High

  • 4.4 feet tall per unitProbe Low Height - 1350mm
  • 3 doors on each unit
  • 7 door colour options
  • 5 knuckle hinges
  • Cam lock as standard
  • Anti-bacterial paint finish

Primary School Lockers – 1356mm High

  • 4.4 feet high
  • Made to order units – 20 days deliveryPrimary School Lockers - 1356mm
  • 3 depth options: 300, 380 and 450mm
  • Option of 1, 2, 3 or 4 doors
  • High quality, UK manufacturing
  • Hook combinations in 1 and 2 door options
  • Cam lock locking
  • Fire Guard tested and certified
  • Germ Guard technology fights MRSA & E.Coli
  • Sloping tops and lock upgrades

Spectrum Primary School Lockers – 1356mm High

  • 4.4 feet tall per unitSpectrum School Lockers - 1356mm
  • 8 vibrant and unusual colour options
  • 3 size options
  • Choice of 1 – 4 doors
  • Minimum order quantity of 20 units
  • Made to high standard in the UK
  • Made to order – 20 day delivery
  • Body is powder coated white
  • Fire Guard tested & certified
  • Anti-bacterial technology paint work

Atlas School Lockers – 1372mm High

  • 4.5 feet highAtlas Lockers - 1372mm
  • Fast 7 day delivery
  • 5 door colours
  • 2 depth options: 380 or 450mm
  • 3 compartments per unit
  • Key lock or swivel latch
  • Nest together or attach to walls
  • Reinforced 4 way frame
  • Anti-bacterial paint finish

If any of our low height lockers look suitable for your needs, let us know and we can send you a quote with our best price. Please note: Order now if you would like install over the Winter break. 

A Colourful Display of Lockers

Colourful Lockers
A Colour Display of Lockers

When asked to think of lockers, what do you see? Most often the image that will spring to mind is the boring run of tatty grey lockers from your secondary school days, most probably with the addition of some graffiti or stickers.

This doesn’t need to be the image that future generations remember.

Lockers don’t need to be dull and boring. Instead, they can be a great way to integrate colour into the workplace or school corridor for no extra cost. At Direct2U we never charge extra for the same locker in different colours.

Let’s explore some of the colourful locker ranges available…

1. TUFF Lockers

TUFF Locker - Colour Options

The latest addition to the standard range, the TUFF locker has increasingly become a popular favourite. Not only do the lockers have an affordable price tag but they come in an attractive range of colour finishes. The colour offering will suit most corporate schemes and is set off with the modern and unique dark grey TUFF escutcheon plate. These lockers will look great in colourful combinations or as single runs of colours.

Door colours available: Dark Blue, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Dark Grey or Light Grey.

Key Features

  • Complete with security shelves and door stiffeners to prevent access and vandalism
  • Fitted with rust-inhibiting galvanised shelves which suits any type of contents
  • Powder coated finish with anti-bacterial paint that lasts life time of the locker
  • Cost effective storage option manufactured from high quality steel
  • Fire tested and certified to EN13501-1
  • UK Manufactured
  • FREE DELIVERY: 10 working days!

2. Probe ACTIVECOAT Lockers

Probe ACTIVECOAT Lockers - Colour Options

The Probe brand is known for its quality. Not only are their lockers attractive but they are also very affordable. For schools, offices, gyms and staff rooms you won’t go wrong with these lockers. What’s more within the last 12 months Probe have extended their colour offering to 6 door colours and 3 body (carcass colours), tripling the amount of combinations you can have.

The locker doors are available in 6 colour options including: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Light Grey. For the body colour you can choose from: Light Grey, White or Black. These options immediately change the look of the locker, therefore enhancing the number of colour options available.

The Probe ACTIVECOAT lockers are also one of the few ranges of lockers that are available in an all white finish. The white finish is ideal for first aid rooms and / or clean rooms.

Key Features

  • Probe lockers are known for their quality and affordable prices
  • Channel formed base prevents damage to floor covering
  • Fully welded doors with door stiffeners for greater strength
  • Probe Fire Zero Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1
  • Certified to BS 4680:1996 ‘Standard Duty’
  • UK Manufactured

3.Armour Standard Lockers

Armour Standard Lockers - Colour Options

The Armour range of lockers offer quality and flexibility. They are approximate for a multitude of storage applications and will look the part in all environments. They not only offer flexibility in terms of the available sizes, number of doors, lock options and accessories. But also offer 7 door colour options to choose from.

Door Colour Options Include: Dark Blue, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Dark Grey and Light Grey.

Key Features

  • Galvanised security shelf and door stiffener deter theft and vandalism
  • Door have attractive ventilation grooves for superior airflow through the locker
  • Complete with rubber buffers on the doors to reduce daily wear and tear
  • Germ Guard anti-bacterial powder coating helps improve hygiene
  • Fire Guard Tested & Certified to EN13501-1
  • UK Manufactured

4. Probe Autumn Lockers

Probe Autumn Lockers - Colour Options

The Probe Autumn Lockers are available in a range of pastel hues including Lilac, Orange, Lemon, Jade and Ocean Blue. Like the Probe Activecoat Lockers they also come in 3 body colours (Silver, White and Black). The subtle use of colour offers an elegant finish which will suit most environments.

Key Features

  • 5 Knuckle hinges and security bar are added to help prevent vandalism
  • Anti-bacterial powder coated finish for improved hygiene
  • Probe Fire Zero tested & certified to EN 13501-1
  • Certified to BS 4680:1996 ‘Standard Duty’
  • UK Manufactured

5. Spectrum Heavy Duty Lockers

Spectrum Heavy Duty Lockers - Colour Options

Our Spectrum Heavy Duty Lockers offer an exciting colourful twist on the standard locker. The vibrant colour pop creates a fun and cheerful environment. For a twist on a classic run of lockers choose complementary colours or a single colour. To be more playful choose from all the colours and position them in a pattern.

Key Features

  • Heavier duty construction from 0.7mm thick mild steel
  • Lateral security beam prevents access to compartment below
  • Hinges are 38mm deep for added security and durability
  • Fire Guard Tested & Certified to EN13501-1
  • Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology paint
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • UK Manufactured

Due to the special range of colours there is a minimum order quantity of 20 lockers. If you would like more information about the minimum quantity, please call on 01922 715 130.

Can’t find a locker in the colour you’re looking for? That’s no problem. For a large quantity of lockers we are able to offer bespoke colours and can match any RAL provided. If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with our Sales Team by calling 01922 715 130 or via email

Can wood create a healthier workplace?

Can Wood Create Healthier Workplace
Can wood create a healthier workplace?

A key design trend in 2018 is wood. It’s also been claimed that wood or wood effect can have a positive influence on health and well being in the home and workplace. The trend has arisen because of our day to day lives becoming overcrowded with technology. People have expressed a need to get closer to nature. Consequently, we are introducing more wood and greenery in our homes and work places to fulfil this desire.

First, let’s take a look at this year’s design trends and what’s on the way in.

TREND 1: Rich, earthy tones

Think dark, natural colours. Browns, sage greens, rustic oranges and blues. These colours add depth to a room and are calming colours. As a side trend jewel colours are also in. So, you can brighten a room by adding emeralds, purples and brighter oranges as accents.

TREND 2: Dark woods

2018 is set to be the year where we see a turn away from pale wooden tones as the luxurious tones of dark wood become the new ‘modern luxe’. Look out for Walnut, Rosewood and dark stains.

TREND 3: Texture

This is going to be huge this season. Why not achieve this trend in the office will wood effect laminate, which will add warmth without the cost. Create contrasting textures with exposed steel and wood. We recently experimented with this trend in our new boardroom. Paring solid oak tops for our boardroom tables with steel leg frames that have a clear lacquered finish exposing the weld. This has been a great success and show the steel work at it’s best in it’s natural form.

Featured Executive Cupboards

The real reason we all need to reconnect with nature

A study by FPInnovations in collaboration with the University of British Columbia made a connection between wood and human health. The study focused on the relationship between visual wood and the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which is “responsible for the physiological stress responses in humans”. They created four office environments: a non-wood control room, a non-wood room with greenery, a natural wood room and a natural wood room with greenery. They then measured stress of students inside each room via the activation of their SNS.

When the SNS is activated this can increase blood pressure and heart rate. It can also “inhibit digestion, recovery and repair functions in the body”. Importantly, if long periods of time are spent in SNS this can have not only physical effects on the human body but also psychological effects.

The results showed that “SNS activation was lower in the wood room” at all time during the study. Therefore, the study came to the conclusion that the presence of visual wood in a indoor environment reduces SNS activation. Thus, reducing stress and creating a healthier environment, especially to work within.

The direct health benefits to nature they list in the study are:

  • Lower pain perception
  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer reported illnesses
  • Fewer sick days
  • Greater attention
  • Greater creativity
  • Lower aggression
  • Better interpersonal relations

Furthermore, in a similar way to indoor plants, wood helps to alleviate stress. Combine the two in the office and you are on your way to achieving a better well-being in the work place. This particularly resonates as 1st February 2018 is Time to Talk Day, on which date employees are encourages to talk openly about mental health and tackle the stigma unfortunately attached to it. Latest stats show that actually 1 in 4 UK workers are affected by Mental Health Conditions. Yet, when take a day off work due to stress or mental well-being give another reason to their employer.

The benefit of wood in the workplace extends beyond the individual. A happy worker is a productive worker. And this is good for business. Investing in the work environment will see returns on the bottom line. A study undertaken by architectural firm HOK found, amongst many other things, that sensory stimulation was key to productivity in the office. They suggest introducing texture in to the office in the form of natural materials to achieve this.

Easy ways to introduce wood into your office

Featured Executive Lockers to complement the Executive Cupboards
  1. Storage – every office needs storage, right? Instead of opting for metal storage options or ones with a white finish browse the timber options. Items like Timber Lockers and cupboards are an easy way to add wood to the décor. If you’re afraid too much wood may make your office look dark, go for a lighter finish for the doors and then teem with darker panels for the sides and worktops. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Executive Lockers and Cupboards.
  2. Artwork – here you can either go for natural artwork or simply invest in wooden frames. This is a quick option to quickly add natural elements to your office without breaking the bank. This is also a good option for the home. Ditch the minimalist white frames and go for darker wooden effect.
  3. Partitioning – it’s often popular to board up partitioning, however if you are segregating offices with a permanent structure think about leaving the wooden structure visible (a clear lacquer will help for the finish) and add glass partitioning. The glass will help keep spaces light and an open plan feel but maintain privacy.

Why do we use a wood ‘effect’ laminate? The answer is simple: cost and durability.

Natural wood can be very expensive and stretch your budget beyond realistic means. However, a laminate effect wood is a cost effective option that will help you to still achieve your desired result. Don’t shy away from the word ‘effect’ remember most kitchens are made this way nowadays. The difference is minimal; and the foil wraps are such a good quality and finish in 2018 that you cannot tell the difference in most circumstances.

Natural wood also needs to be kept. Veneers will need to be maintained and this is not a practical option for cupboards or lockers that will be used day in day out.

Want your business to be on trend but not become outdated too soon? Then wood is the answer. It is Timeless.


TUFF by name – TUFF by nature!

TUFF Lockers
Tuff Lockers

eet the latest edition to our TUFF family – our TUFF Lockers. These new lockers embrace the TUFF brand offering quality, strength and longevity for a competitive price.

We believe our exclusive range of TUFF lockers will add a breath of fresh air to your storage. The graphite excursion plate and various colourful door options are a classic combination, yet offer a more modern look for the standard locker.

Since we launched these lockers onto the market in early this year they have proven extremely popular and are fast becoming one of our best sellers. Hence, we have an exciting promotion for the TUFF Lockers this summer. They started from £63.00 but are now on offer starting from just £55 a locker!! Saving you over 10% – however please remember that this is for a limited time only.

TUFF Lockers: Key Features

  • Unique graphite excursion plate won’t mark show marks or wear and tear easily. It is designed to prolong the look of the lock and protect the metal from scratches from keys.
  • High gloss powder coated finish for a faultless appearance. The powder coated finish will help maintain the lockers appearance and has anti-bacterial technology for improved hygiene. This is essential for schools, hospitals, public areas such as libraries and sports centres and for any workplaces where the locker will have multiple users.
  • Security shelves are used to create individual compartments. They ensure that each compartment is secure and access to the locker below is prevented. We also only use galvanised shelves in our TUFF lockers, so whatever is stored inside the locker these shelves will withstand day to day wear and tear.
  • Reinforced rubber buffers and door stiffeners provide strength and durability. An ideal feature for schools and public spaces.
  • Single compartment lockers (one door) have a top shelf and a coat hook inside. Two compartment lockers have a coat hook inside each compartment.
  • Fire Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1, Reaction to Fire Classification AS-s2. This means that the locker in the event of a fire will not contribute to the spread of flames. It is the powder coating paint that is non-combustible rather than the carcass of the locker. However, it is very important to ensure the locker you purchase have this certification, especially if they are to be located in corridors or near to emergency exits.
  • Fast 10 Day Delivery – Free to UK Mainland*

TUFF Lockers: Available Options

  • Four Sizes: W300 x D300mm / W380 x D380mm / W300 x D450mm / W450 x D450mm
  • Seven colours options: Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, yellow, Green, Dark Grey and Light Grey
  • Available as Single (1), 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 compartment lockers
  • Fitted with standard mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs (supplied with 2 keys per lock)
  • Please Note: Standard Height of lockers is 1800mm

Coming Soon to Lockers Direct2U

You can easily upgrade your lockers to have stands to raise them off the floor, sloping tops to prevent items being placed on top of the locker and different locking options.

Soon you will be able to purchase TUFF Lockers with coin return and coin retain locks easily through our website. For all other upgrades please speak to one of our friendly Sales Team via Live Chat or phone to get a free no obligation quotation.

Got a project? Let’s work together…

If you have a space that needs some lockers then please give us a call or live chat so that we can discuss your requirements. We will help you choose the best size and locker based on your available space and the purpose of the lockers. We will also help create room layouts and work to your specified colour pallet. Want some more information before you get in touch? Take a look at our new Ultimate Guide to Lockers

Parcel Lockers: Peace of Mind Delivered

If you do quite a bit of shopping online, you must be well-acquainted with the agony of waiting for a parcel delivery. Either you are at work all day and hope you make it home in time to accept the delivery, or you’re traveling and cannot afford to get a ‘sorry we missed you’ slip when you’re back. Sometimes parcels are left out in the rain, and sometimes a well-meaning dog can shred them to pieces. The point is, leaving deliveries to fate isn’t an option! A few tweets to sum up the exasperating experience with deliveries:

What’s the worst / oddest place you’ve ever had a parcel left?

— Money Saving Expert (@MoneySavingExp) July 2, 2017

On my front doorstep with the this way up sign the wrong way. It was only a £800 computer…

— Marco Trinci (@MarcoTrinci) July 2, 2017

This little gem from @AmazonUK was a push for me – a squeeze for the box too!

— Steve Gunnell (@steve_gunnell) July 2, 2017

Had a parcel left in the recycling bin just before it was emptied by the binmen

— Pete Greatorex (@murphygsd) July 3, 2017

That’s why we’ve introduced a new range of parcel lockers on our website. Having quite a few fans of online shopping here in our team, we think these are a great addition and would put many of your delivery-related fears at rest.

How do parcel lockers work?

A cross between mailboxes and standard lockers, parcel lockers incorporate the best of both worlds. They are anti-theft devices that prevent unauthorized access, protect your fragile deliveries, and provide a lockable storage area that is only accessible to you! There are several types of mechanisms, depending on how smooth & secure you’d like the process to be between you and the mailman!

For example, some parcel lockers are simply an empty box that can be left unlocked while you are away. The delivery person would then open the locker, place your parcels in, then secure the locker. You can then unlock the box with your own key when you come back! We recommend this if you know that your neighbourhood is free of pranksters who will be tampering with your locker before the mailman makes his rounds!

For more security, lockers with anti-theft mechanism only provide an opening to insert packages on a anti-theft plate. When the courier closes the lid, parcels are tipped into a secure safe. The anti-theft plate prevents fishing and small hands from entering the safe through the lid. Simply unlock the safe door when you come back, and retrieve your mail!

Where can I install my parcel locker?

These secure parcel lockers are available with a top lid or a front lid, and can be wall mounted, bolted to the floor or free standing. This depends on the easiest way to receive incoming mail. For example, if your front porch offers limited space, a wall mounted front lidded parcel locker would do the trick.

Small Parcel Lockers

If you have a front gate that is locked but still wish to receive mail in your absence, a wall mountable parcel locker can be secured to the front gate bars. We highly recommend larger (therefore heavier) parcel lockers to be wall-fixed on the ground, as this would give the impression that they are bolted to the ground (more secure) without damaging sidewalks.

Tall Parcel Locker

Large buildings and smaller offices can keep on receiving mail when no one is available to personally accept parcels. This can help your staff use their time for more productive tasks and distribute mail when it is more convenient for them. Alternatively, installing a parcel locker indoors as a drop box is a good idea for outgoing mail!

Internal Parcel Drop Locker

What if my deliveries require a signature?

These parcel lockers can be customised with a barcode to include your name or address. This digital signature lets your mailman flag your delivery as ‘received’, so you don’t have to be physically present at the time of delivery! The digital signature is usually located on the inside of your parcel locker and can be customised by suppliers. Simply specify at the time of the order what 15 characters you’d like to include. This service is usually subject to an additional charge.

We hope you found this post helpful! Remember, our sales team is available on live chat for any additional information about our products, we strive to answer your questions as accurately as possible