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What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is often found in areas such as construction sites, warehouses, factories, and buildings with high ceilings. They can also be located where reaching certain heights is not easy. Also, if you work in industries that need lift tables it is beneficial for you to know the following questions in this blog.

Here is a quick summary of scissor lifts!

Lift tables can come in a large assortment of variations. Choosing the type of lift you want is important. For example, if it’s a manual or electric scissor lift. The load capacity and the transportability of your lift table are always questions customers should ask. Especially before committing to a buy. Should you be handling more heavy-duty equipment we recommend that shoppers look out for three key features. Features should include is the lift is static, has 1000kg+ load capacity and is electric.

Using a Lightweight Scissor Lift

Our lightweight scissor lifts are great for needing to lift loads of up to 300kg. Our TUFF standard and Premium range is our best seller. It can offer our customers a smooth experience when operating the lift table. Environments such as warehouses and stockrooms would most likely need a smaller scissor lift. They are also manoeuvrable on castor wheels. They can aslo undertake any day-to-day activities. Such as lifting light duty objects to heights that would otherwise be too high.

Using our lighter scissor lifts are to use. To operate a manual scissor lift, operators press on the foot pump to raise the lift to the needed height.

Using a Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Our heavy-duty scissor lifts have a much wider range of load capacities. They range from 500kg and go all the way up to 4000kg. Our heavy-duty scissor lift range is designed to manoeuvre much heavier items. This includes industries that are involved in construction and manufacturing to name a few. Our heavy-duty scissor lifts are also available as mobile scissor lifts and static scissor lifts. So, if you need the scissor lift trolley to lift and move items around easily, we recommend opting for a mobile lift. But, if you don’t need your scissor table to move and have plenty of storage space, a static scissor lift would be the ideal choice. Our heavy-duty scissor lifts are electric. They are operated by using an electric battery which is operated by push button.

Do you need a certification to operate a scissor lift?

At Direct2u we offer certificates of conformities for our TUFF Scissor Lifts. They come at an extra charge of £25 and provide certified validation for the scissor lift trolleys. What does the validation mean? That operator of the lift has evidence that the trolley complies with the essential health and safety requirements.

You may be wondering how long does the certification last? In general, lifting equipment should be carefully checked. Especially when users first buy their lift, unless the certificate of conformity was made less than 12 months before the sale. Users should also only need a full examination of their scissor lift if they are going to assemble the item on another site. However, this is more common with larger lifting equipment rather than standard scissor lifts. A more obvious reason for your lift needing a renewal of certification would be when the user is exposed to damaging and harmful conditions. This is because that can cause failure or worsening of the item.

Key points about the regulations of your lift table

  • LOLER stands for Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations.
  • The LOLER regulations place duties on organisations who have ownership lifting equipment. This includes scissor lifts.
  • Select equipment that is of adequate strength and stability. This adds to the obligations under PUWER (Provision and use of work equipment regulations) about the suitability of equipment.
  • Ensure that your equipment is marked with its SWL (safety working load).

In conclusion

Deciding which scissor lift table to buy depends on what you need it for. Depending on what you are going to use it for will influence the durability and price of the lift table. But, at Direct2U we take pride in offering scissor lifts that customers can trust won’t break. However, the one thing that you should be sure about when buying a scissor lift is the health and safety regulations. We hope that this blog has gave you a sense of security when using and shopping for scissor lifts!

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