How to Choose a Sack Truck Tyre Suitable For your Needs

Have you ever had the headache of deciding what type of tyres you want on your sack trucks? Trucks and Trolleys Direct2U have produced this short guide to ease that pain. Each wheel type has been described with advantages and disadvantages in order for the user to make an informed decision on which wheel type they will need.

  1. Flat Free

    Flat-free tyres constructed with solid, lightweight foam. These tyres have all the benefits of an air-filled tyre without having to pump the tyres when they go flat. No tubes and no more re-filling of air meaning no more hassle.


    – Foam filled tyres don’t need to be pumped up, saves time
    – These tyres are non-marking
    – They will not crack or rot, ensuring long life


    – Expensive; however there is savings due to not having to re-inflate or replace when punctured
    Puncture Proof Tyres

  2. Pneumatic

    An air-filled tyre filled with pressurised air. Due to the pressure inside the tyre, they remained inflated due to this pressure compared with the atmospheric air pressure even with the weight of the truck on it. The tyre will resist forces that will try and deform the tyre such as stones, the air creates a cushioning effect protecting the tyre. Air filled tyres give great performance and are less expensive the other types of tyres.


    – Cost effective
    – They provide great performance with bounce and cushion protecting the tyre
    – Lightweight


    – Requires more maintenance then other tyres
    – Risk of puncture to the tyre
    – Variations in air pressure with affect performance
    – Can’t handle rough terrain well
    Pneumatic Tyres

  3. Semi-Pneumatic

    Also known as flat free tyres as deflation is not possible. However, they do not provide the bounce or the cushion that flat-free or pneumatic tyres can. These tyres are solid rubber with a hollow air pocket running through the middle of the tyre. This air pocket makes the tyre lighter in weight and are best used on solid flat surfaces that are free from debris.


    – Lighter then most tyres


    – Cannot inflate
    – Does not provide as much bounce and cushion as other tyres

    Semi-Pneumatic Tyres

  4. Solid Rubber

    Solid rubber tyres are ideal for commercial or occasion use whether that be outdoors or heavy duty use. These wheels offer a puncture proof alternative to tyres that need to be re filled with air, these tyres will reduce down-time together with need for maintenance.


    – Durable
    – No Punctures
    – Ideal for handling rough terrain



    – Does not provide bounce or cushion
    – Not suitable for uneven groundSolid Rubber Tyre

  5. Stair Climbing

    The ideal tyre for going up and down steps or curbs whilst delivering goods above or below ground level. The three rubber wheels are mounted on a spider to enable them to rotate and ‘climb’ the step. This type of wheels ease the strain whilst making each journey safer for the user.


    – Makes stair climbing easier and safer
    – Less strain for the user
    – Easier to lift loads up curbs and steps


    – Makes trucks heavy
    – Problematic when wanting to turn corners

Stair Climbing Tyres

If you’re looking for a sack truck that will be ideal for low maintenance and very minimal downtime; no punctures and lightweight. Choose Solid Rubber, Flat-free or Semi-Pneumatic tyres.

If you need to consistently need to climb stairs, choosing the stair climbing tyres will be advantageous.

Similarly pneumatic tyres are a cost effective choice with bounce to protect the tyres as you use the truck.

Trucks and Trolleys Direct2U offer a full range of sack trucks with a variety of wheels available to suit an array of needs. From heavy duty to light duty the range includes standard trucks as well as folding trucks, folding toe trucks and stair climbers. In addition to this Direct2U offer free UK mainland delivery within 3 – 5 days.

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