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What is a sack truck used for?

Sack Trucks are designed to help users transport loads easily from one place to another. Sack trolleys come on two wheels and ensure that the uses can use the handles to push different load capacities. Load capacities can range from lightweight items to heavy duty items depending on what employees are using the sack truck for. You may be asking why is it called a sack truck? They are called this because back in the 18th century when they were first used, young boys used them to move large sacks of spices on docks. As they were unable to do this by band, the sack trucks came in handy!

A popular example of a sack truck in use is when delivery drivers need to load their van. They can safety place the package on the toe plate of the sack trolley and simply transfer it to the side of the van instead of carrying the item. Transporting the item without the sack truck could be very risky for the employee and therefore cause harmful injuries. Sack trolleys, also referred as hand trucks are used in the front of the operators view. It is therefore important to make sure that the sack truck does not get in the way of the user and obstruct their view.

Benefits of having a sack cart in your workplace:

Almost anyone can use them! With the correct method, sack barrows are very simple to use and require little to no instructions.

They are the most affordable item on the market to trasnport heavy duty items. Unlike platform trucks and pallet trucks, sack trucks are designed to be made an affordable solution to handling workplace equipment.

Depending on what hand truck you opt for, there are options for them to be foldable. This therefore makes storing them much easier and results in requiring little storage space for your handling equipment. This would be hugely beneficial to offices and warehouses that have limited space.

Sack trucks come in a wide range of varieties. This means that they can be suitable for different customers wants and needs.

Choose the right Sack Barrow for you

At Direct2u, we have a broad range of sack trucks designed to cater for specific handling activities. Firstly, the general purpose range is made up of standard sack trucks that come with different handle shapes. They are mainly within the load capacities of 100kg to 200kg. Within this sack truck category, handle types include P shaped handles, which benefits the customer as they can be operated with only one hand. In addition, dual handles are also involved in this range and they are great for having control over the sack truck.

Choosing a more heavy duty range is also something to consider when shopping for your sack truck. Heavy duty sack trucks usually range from 300kg to 500kg in load capacity. This is because anything that weighs more than this would not be suitable for employees to push around easily. The standard and heavy duty range of sack barrows are the most popular due to the handle options and load capacity. The next most popular would be the folding sack trucks. This is best suited for customers who lack storage space. The folding toe and handles are great for shrinking the item and therefore keeping it out of sight.

Some more sack truck options to choose from include:

Multi-position sack trucks: if you require moving items that are different shapes and sizes then a multi position sack truck is the right option for you!

Stair climbing sack trucks: perfect for moving lighter loads up and down stairs due to their Tri-Star wheels.

The Best Seller: TUFF Super Heavy Duty Sack Truck – 500kg

At Direct2u we have carefully put together the perfect truck for customers! Our TUFF Super Heavy Duty Sack Truck has a load capacity of 500kg. It is the only sack cart we offer with FREE Next Day Delivery! The fully welded construction is designed to give customers a secure and durable way to transport items from one place to another. In addition, as the sack trolley comes with hooded grip handles and castor guards, users can be guaranteed that they will be safe and injury free when using the sack truck.

Key features, Recommended Use & Specification:

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