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10 Commonly Forgotten Rules in Warehouses

10 Commonly Forgotten Rules in Warehouses

Introduction As both small and large businesses attempt to remain successful during our turbulent times (FSB,2018), it is important to remember the fundamental rules that influence our core business function. The following article aims to recall the 10 key points to success within warehouses and distribution centres. To help bring focus back on the essentials that commonly help influence success. The Top Ten Warehousing Tips Use free space for Storage. It sounds a bit obvious. But if you are short on storage, or find your current shelving is untidy and difficult to navigate. Then adding additional bays of suitable heavy… Read more

Reach new heights with our warehouse steps

Warehouse Steps Guide

When it comes to heights, many of us stay grounded and miss out on the world above. Our warehouse steps can show you what the world looks like from 5m high. I’ll be frank, it’s not much of a difference. But what it does mean, your employee’s can now reach products on high shelves and access spaces that previously were inaccessible. In factories, warehouses and store rooms they’re installing pallet racking that stand up to 6m high to store stock in a space saving manner. This means operators face a new struggle of reaching heights whilst ensuring their safety isn’t compromised…. Read more

Vélo Birmingham & Midlands 2019


As many of you may already know, the Vélo Birmingham & Midlands took place on Sunday May 12th. It’s an intense 100 mile closed road cycling route. 17,000 riders go on a winding journey through the West Midlands. Along the way the riders passed through rolling countryside, picturesque villages and even travelled through the City of Culture 2021, Coventry. They were cheered on by thousands of residents, friends and family lining the streets. Riding for The Alzheimer’s Society This year we had two members of the Direct2U Team taking part in the Vélo. Our Business Manager, Greg, and Web Developer,… Read more

Why are these type of Warehouse Steps so popular?

We was asked recently by a then-potential now-turned-customer – “why are these particular warehouse steps with the domed feet so popular?”. So we thought we’d do a little tribute to the mobile steps that are quickly becoming a fundamental in most warehouse and workplace environments. What are domed feet? As shown in the images, this term refers to the feet of warehouse steps that feature round covers. These domes are providing protection and cover to the swivelling wheels that are attached to the steps. The term ‘spring loaded’ refers to the type of castors (wheels) attached. Castors stay fixed in… Read more