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Cleaning your Wheelie Bin & Maintenance Tips

Cleaning your Wheelie Bin & Maintenance Tips

Wheelie bins allow for an easier and more secure waste collection system, for you and your local council! Because they come in many sizes, they can cater to any household size. Thanks to their mobility, keeping them out of sight until collection day is made easy. As the warmer weather sets in, wheelie bins become somewhat of a health hazard, especially if they are neglected. Flies and maggots (the larva state of common houseflies) become an issue, and the smell of decomposing food waste starts to attract pests, and repel human beings! Wheelie bins are airtight by design. However, the… Read more

5 Ways to a Greener Workplace

5 Ways to a Greener Workplace

Creating a greener workplace is more challenging than creating a greener living one. Battling structures, tight budgets and human habits is no mean feat! The British Assessment Bureau claims that ‘bad waste practices are costing UK businesses at least £15 billion per year’. However, there are 5 areas you can improve by making small changes, potentially leading to the adoption of greener habits! Select and practice a few points per area, and notice how your contribution can help rewire your workplace into the green ideal it could be. In each area, we recommend indoor or outdoor bins for your business as well! 1…. Read more

Arson attacks on Wheelie Bins

Arson Attacks on Wheelie Bins

Residents asked to keep wheelie bins safe Following a series of wheelie bin arson attacks, the residents of Frome, Somerset were asked to exercise caution. The Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service issued a statement on February 15 advising residents and businesses to secure their waste containers out of sight. They explained that wheelie bins kept against walls and under windows might endanger the lives of anyone inside the building. In their latest press release, the Fire & Rescue Service reminded the public that arson is a serious crime and is punishable by law with a prison sentence and significant… Read more

Dealing with an Overflowing Wheelie Bin?

Dealing with an Overflowing Wheelie Bin

So you have just finished tying up your refuse bag and walked out to place it in your wheelie bin… only to find out it’s completely full? The bin collection is another four days away and there is absolutely no place in your wheelie bin. Don’t worry, we sometimes underestimate the amount of household waste we produce and are shocked to see an overflowing wheelie bin! Depending on your local council, some wheelie bins will not be collected. This includes wheelie bins with a lid that can’t be fully closed, are too heavy, or accompanied with extra refuse bags on… Read more