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Arson attacks on Wheelie Bins

Residents asked to keep wheelie bins safe Following a series of wheelie bin arson attacks, the residents of Frome, Somerset were asked to exercise caution. The Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service issued a statement on February 15 advising residents and businesses to secure their waste containers out of sight. They explained that wheelie bins kept against walls and under windows might endanger the lives of anyone inside the building. In their latest press release, the Fire & Rescue Service reminded the public that arson is a serious crime and is punishable by law with a prison sentence and significant… Read more

Dealing with an Overflowing Wheelie Bin?

So you have just finished tying up your refuse bag and walked out to place it in your wheelie bin… only to find out it’s completely full? The bin collection is another four days away and there is absolutely no place in your wheelie bin. Don’t worry, we sometimes underestimate the amount of household waste we produce and are shocked to see an overflowing wheelie bin! Depending on your local council, some wheelie bins will not be collected. This includes wheelie bins with a lid that can’t be fully closed, are too heavy, or accompanied with extra refuse bags on… Read more

How to Choose a Tipping Skip

Efficient waste management is the easiest way to save time, energy and resources in the workplace. A Tipping skip is a great addition to any environment that needs a system that can efficiently use space and forklift trucks to their full potential. Here is a quick guide to choosing your tipping skip. What are tipping skips? Essential to any workplace that produces waste, tipping skips are a forklift truck attachment. They can hold waste until a transfer into a larger container, incinerator, or compactor. Designed to be attached on the front of a forklift, tipping mechanisms make it easier to empty… Read more

Your Wheelie Bin Favourites: Bestsellers

It’s that time of the year when we look back on our best selling wheelie bins and this year, we’ve decided to make a quick summary of your wheelie bin favourites! Out of our top bestselling products, 4 out of 5 were the two-wheeled 240L Wheelie Bins! The 120L Wheelie Bin was slightly behind, but understandably so. The 240L can easily accommodate a large household or large office. It can also accept up to four refuse bags, so we totally approve! It’s the recommended size for households which have five to six permanent residents. If you’re looking for more information on… Read more